Monday, May 24, 2010

Copyright for Artists 1A

I need to get off the soap box and back onto art and creativity-subjects which are uplifting and tend not to raise my blood pressure.

I had been asked to post this to an ATC group’s database of info so I thought I should also post it here.

This information is based on my 40 years experience as a working artist and may offer some help to those who need guidelines on copyright and licensing information.

Copyright is a very complicated issue; books have been written on it and lawyers have made their fortunes on it.

Things made for your own use while they impinge on copyright will probably be ignored-sell anything which impinges on anyone’s copyrights, trademarks etc. and you are in danger.

DISNEY especially and many of its subsidiaries are very militant about copyright they go as far as to send people to craft shows to stop people from using their characters and brands-avoid them---they usually give warning but have been known to just file a lawsuit.

Fine art regardless of its age may be subject to copyright by the owner-the Getty Foundation, MMA, MOMA and others have large legal departments-again what is done for fun is fine but sell it and you are on thin ice,

ALWAYS ask an artist before posting any of their work online or elsewhere-what you do as an homage may be the door to the art being lifted by another entity-I had licensed artwork to a cross stitch company and the images printed in catalogs ended up on t-shirts and as rubber stamps---be sure if you do get permission you keep a copy of the email in hard form including all headers-since they are independently dated and timed they have some legal standing to protect you for litigation.

Understand what licensed means-a company can buy the rights to reproduce your work-adapt your work or otherwise draw from your work in a substantial manner.

They buy the rights from you to use your work but you always keep the copyright on your originals.

When the company produces a product (card, t-shirt-rubber stamp etc) they will copyright their item to protect it from others using the design.

A company can buy sole rights, first rights or some exotic version of the two-for instance my most well known piece began as a pen and ink original from which I did a limited edition lithograph-a company licensed the drawing as the basis for a needle work kit, another company wanted to use it as a t-shirt and since my contract with the needlework company expressly licensed only for craft kits after a courtesy call to let them know-I licensed the design to the 2nd company for t-shirts-mugs-totes and other wearable items.

Company 3 contacted me to do a limited edition doll from the drawing-I checked with both of the other companies as a courtesy and then OK’d a license for the dolls and a possible porcelain figurine.

I found out that a company had knocked off the design from the catalog for the needlepoint company and was using the design as a rubber stamp-I was able to force them to stop since I had 3 other companies using the design and I immediately offered the design to a rubber stamp company I worked with to make sure a good version was on the market with a proper license.

By the time I retired this design it had been over exposed but had also made me a fair amount of income for letting other people use it.

It was the first of many items I licensed and since I knew little about copyrights and contracts I found an ART LISCENSING ATTORNEY who helped me with the initial contract and taught me a great deal about the licensing and copyright business-after that initial consultation I was able to do all the rest of my contracts myself-occasionally asking for his help when something new came up.

Paying a professional at the start and doing your homework will save you heartache and money later-every artist should be conversant with how copyrights work and how licensing works-the difference between a trademark and a logo and how to register both-the information is available on the internet for no cost but if you are not fast with “legalese” (the language of the law) hire someone to help you.

ALWAYS keep paper copies of every correspondence you have concerning any legal issue and make sure they are in a safe place-I lost a contract by being too cocky and it cost me thousands of dollars when I couldn’t produce it to sue a company that had defaulted on payments.

ALSO friends are friends but in any business arrangement - WRITE IT DOWN -SIGN IT-have it NOTARIZED and file your copy in a safe place-you may keep your friend that way rather than ending up in small claims court-and don’t exclude relatives---GOOD BUSINESS is GOOD BUSINESS-anyone who isn’t willing to have an agreement down on paper should not be attempting to do business OR is afraid they will have to fulfill their obligations and don’t want a contract in case they fail---PASS on that deal.
Hurt feelings today are better than a court case in a year.

Magazines are copyrighted and may have copyrights on copyrighted material-it becomes very complicated-collage using images from magazine should be more colour and shape than actual cut out pictures-portions of text etc can be used but no more than a certain number of letters or words in a string---do not then scan and reproduce the collage-there are digital copyright laws that add cause for litigation when you copy a copyrighted item-like scanning a hundred dollar bill-avoid it

A safe bet is the use of ephemera sheets (comercially available images sold in shops and online) but be sure they have a copyright and keep the copyright information from the sheet in an envelope-most companies tell you how you may use their items.

I bought a set of copyrighted computer disks from Ebay with thousands of images on them and a warning that the images were protected under copyright-most of the images had been lifted from DOVER publications and were already under their free use agreement.

In this situation I use the images under the DOVER terms since they are a large company and were probably the source for the images anyway-but I avoid using them in any way outside of the Dover Terms and any of the images that I cannot find in the Dover catalog I don’t use at all.

Always protect YOURSELF first.

You may think you have no property or assets worth anyone’s time to sue you but there are people who make a living filing lawsuits-there are court costs and if you lose the winner of the suit can empty your checking account or other such nasty surprises before you are aware of what’s happening.

ALWAYS PROTECT YOURSELF FIRST-if in doubt don’t do it or don’t use it.

SERIES can be a set of TAROT designs, Alphabets, any set of cards that forms a series of images-the 12 days of Christmas etc...I often do series sets, Vampires, Cities etc.

Copyright the individual images and then also copyright the series-check your state laws and federal law for what is acceptable copyright protection for an image where you live-in some states assemblages (even of copyright free material) are not able to be protected under copyright.

The old artist’s trick of sending yourself signed copies in a certified letter and filing the sealed letter hasn’t been holding up in courts lately (2010).

Stray to the side of caution and avoid the possibility of problems-usually you will get a stern letter but in a litigious society some will just come after you with a lawyer and while it will probably come to nothing is it worth the stress and hassles?

What you do with work that you draw or paint by hand yourself is up to you- as I explained above many of my designs have been used by various companies at the same time in different ways-rubber stamps, dolls, t shirts, craft kits-in that case the companies doing the production protect their product while I have granted THEM copyright-if their copyright is infringed I must then support them by protecting my copyright-in an international case this can be horribly expensive.

Not many of us can stop someone in China from producing and selling products made using our artwork but it happens-some may remember that a year or so ago friends went to Prague and found items using designs taken from my website being used and sold on items by street artists-I know that some of my older drawings are done on t shirts in China but are not sold in North America-a friend on a trip to Buenos Aires brought me one back complete with my signature intact

In most cases you just have to shrug and let it go - it’s part of the risk of putting your work out there but it’s also infuriating so before you use someone else’s work as part of your own or even love it enough to share it online consider the ramifications and proceed with caution and consideration.

This information is not posted as legal advice and should be used as a guideline not word of law-the contents are based on my empirical research and as such may include information that is out of date.

It's worth saying again-PROTECT YOURSELF and always lean towards caution when using content with dubious pedegree.

This article cannot be used in whole or part without the express written permission of the author (Rick St Dennis copyright 2010 all rights reserved national and international Seal Beach, CA USA) and is specifically loaned for the purpose of information to members of ATC World on YAHOO GROUPS-May 2010-use without permission is subject to litigation under the laws of the State of California, United States of America, from which the original PDF e document was posted.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When LOVE and PATIENCE dies...

I gotta tell you-I am sick and tired, disgusted and annoyed, angry….well you get the idea…


First of all there is one race of Human Beings-not many-that’s why it’s called THE HUMAN RACE.

A cow is a cow is a cow---it may come in various colors and styles but at the end of it all it’s a cow.

People come in all colors and sizes; some have curly hair, some straight, some have lighter skin and some dark many on the curve in between but we are all humans beings and of the human race.

ETHNICITY is another thing…we do notice various cultural, linguistic and other differences…we are too polite to talk about BREEDS-but in fact we are in some ways like other animals, Cats, Dogs, Apes…we come in various breeds, editions…pick a word…but there is only one race.

I am a German, Irish, French mutt but I am an American first…culturally…I don’t think of myself initially as a white guy-I think of myself as a male American-I don’t hyphenate either---what would I be; Mixed breed American?

I am a native of California-I was born here not too far south from where I live now…but much closer to the border of the country to the south-Mexico.

So far as I know, Mexicans (and others from south of our border) are HUMANS-my nieces and nephews are Mexican, German, Irish Mutts-they also do not hyphenate.

I grew up in a place where we were all assimilated AMERICANS though many of us were White Mutts, some were Mexican-European Mutts and some Asian-one or two African…we tended not to notice.

Someone commented recently to me that the biggest issue of TYPE we had was the war between the SURFERS and the BEANERS---interestingly the SURFERS could be of any ethnicity as could the Beaners.

It seems to me the more open and free we became through the 60s and 70s-the more repressed and color conscious we became.

Here we are at the start of the 2nd decade of the 2000s and we are screaming racist at each other because some of us want to close our borders because we can’t support any more illegal immigrants.

“Illegal’s” come in all colors-they are not just people from south of the border-many come from Asia, some from Europe, a few from Canada…regardless, we have too many people, our states and country verge on bankruptcy and still people come here and expect to be cared for-the feel entitled.

There are very few social services for me-a citizen of this country but also a member of the least served demographic in the USA-white males over 50.

I either have too much money, not enough money, not enough hours, not enough years, not enough whatever to qualify for any help.

I am of a tenuous generation-we don’t know if the social programs we paid into will be there to help us throughout the rest of our lives.

We are the baby boomers-we who were born during the good years after the 2nd world war-all those good years full of nuclear threats, civil unrest and the “rose coloured glasses’ Donna Reed view of an America that really didn’t exist-or at least didn’t exist out here is the wild west.

ARIZONA bravely passed a law that mirrors and reinforces the laws that are in place at the federal level-those laws just aren’t enforced very well.

It has nothing to do with RACE but it does have to do with people who feel they are entitled to come to this country and remake it in the image of their own country-not unlike the Italian, Irish, Jewish and other ghettos of the late 18 and early 19 hundreds in the USA.

The problem is the immigrants of the “OLD” days came usually in smaller numbers, by ships and had to pass through serious scrutiny and often terrible conditions to get into this country often only to be sent home due to illness or other circumstances.

Even as late as the middle of the last century people were waiting on quotas to enter the USA often for years before receiving word that they could, at last, come.
I understand that the migration from the south isn’t “EASY” but compared to a sea voyage its fairly simple-it is steeped in greed and corruption since many who promise entry via the back door into this country charge huge amounts of cash for the attempt and often take the money and abandon their cargo of HUMANS.

STILL, we can’t support the millions who are coming here, uneducated, sick, pregnant (see ANCHOR BABIES) and unskilled.

The America they think they’re coming to doesn’t exist anymore (if it ever did).

Gangs are out of control and better organized and armed than our police and even armies.

Crime is rampant and drugs are at the core of the problem.

Schools are overcrowded, hospitals closing, healthcare expensive and insurance outrageous, the city services are over taxed as are the citizens (we in California are literally the highest taxed citizens in the country).

Meanwhile the immigrants join the ever growing ghettos, refuse to speak English and yet want all the rights and privileges of being in the USA despite the fact that they are BREAKING THE LAW.

Very near to me here in Orange County are two of the largest immigrant populations in the USA Vietnamese (Little Saigon boasts many businesses that are signed only in the Vietnamese language despite a state law that says all signage must be in both a foreign language and English).

When “outsiders” go to Little Saigon they are made to feel unwelcome and unwanted-hence we don’t go there.

There is a huge population of Latinos though out California and the southwestern USA in general but SANTA ANA is almost entirely Hispanic and again “outsiders” are not welcome there and going there can be dangerous since guns are common and shootings equally common.

Santa Ana is also one of the highest concentrations of illegal’s in California, drug raids are frequent in that city and surrounding areas and the human transport trade operates fairly openly with Santa Ana as a destination for cargo from the south.
Resenting this rampant growth and the drain on resources it creates doesn’t make me a racist-it makes me an American.

In the past few days the president of Mexico has been here loudly chastising the USA for our immigration policies.

He didn’t bother to discuss the Mexican laws which are much stricter than those of the USA nor the continuing genocide of indigenous people in the south of Mexico and the consistent class wars that have raged since the revolution.

He didn’t offer a solution for the drug wars that are spilling over into the USA on the border nor the fact that over 20 thousand people have died in those wars.

He didn’t allude to the serious and criminal corruption in the ranks of the FEDERALES-the state police who drive stolen American SUVs and HUMMERs while their wives wear stolen American jewelry and drive luxury cars also stolen in the USA and delivered to the south.

These same police are responsible for robbing tourists, beatings and murders of illegal immigrants from Guatemala, El Salvador and other Central American countries and illegal fines and charges made at traffic stops on the toll roads in Baja that carry huge traffic of Americans driving to resorts.

Mr. Calderon just lectured US while our president agreed.

It is estimated that if something isn’t done to stem the flow of people coming from other countries in the USA illegally soon-by mid century we will have swelled by as many as 50 to a hundred million more people mostly from SOUTH of the border.

Listening to legitimate populists with no agenda one sees that it is against good judgment to become legal since the job force that operates under the radar does better than registered alien workers monetarily and in social services since they are part of a cash culture.

Sales taxes are pretty much all they pay-and there is an emerging animosity between the documented, undocumented and citizen Latino work force since they all work on different pay scales…another bloody war that will be fought in our cities.

Meanwhile we have the Muslim community beginning to demand rights and privileges based on their religious beliefs and a swelling population growing on US soil.
Currently America supports the largest Korean, Armenian, Russian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Japanese, Chinese and many other smaller countries communities outside of their home nations.

Notice that this encompasses many ethnicities but only one race-HUMAN.

Imagine what would happen if tomorrow we were faced with a huge interstellar space ship full of weary travelers from billions of miles away that were actually a completely alien RACE-what would we do?

We couldn’t send them home and since they would have superior technology we might be foolish to deny them a place to stop.

It seems to me that we have come to that time when greed must end and we need to stop fighting over oil and start fighting for better conditions in the homelands of all the people who come here-so they can stay home.

I wouldn’t want to be poor in Mexico, Vietnam or Hong Kong, the wrong religion in Iran or a displaced Ethnicity in the former Czechoslovakia.

The best thing we as Americans can do is help FIX those countries that are burdened by religious, corrupt or ethnocentric governments and show their people a way to take back their own rights in their own countries.

If they want to be Americans-then they need to assimilate and live as Americans and there must be an end to both amnesties and tolerance for law breakers.

ALL of them- wherever they come from.

It’s cheaper to send them home than to support them and their growing families in a country that is already over-taxed, angry and at the end of tolerance.

Someone said to me, jokingly, the other day, “Think way back to when you were a liberal.”

Sadly there was much truth in that statement…while I still have many liberal views I more and more find myself in the Libertarian camp.

I still HATE Rush Limbaugh and his ilk.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A DREAM is a WISH...your HEART makes...

Many people do not pay enough attention to dreams.

I have a very complicated set of theories about dreams which I will not go into at length here.

There is a single heightened dream state where everything is very REAL, sharp edged and even though it may be somewhat surreal it still has a sense of being in the moment and a super realistic quality about it.

Recently physicists have ventured a theory that I believe I have mentioned before about membranes or BRANES-various realities that coexist with our own universe-when two of these BRANES touched at some point it could have created the big bang.

I believe that this is an alpha state in which we can actually access the portal between our reality and others.

When we do this it results in one of the super realistic dreams-we remember it as a dream because our brain simply cannot process the complexity of the experience.

I have had lengthy detailed “dreams” with numerous people that I don’t know, have never seen or talked to in life but had complicated interactions with in this dream realm.

I know this has a certain farfetched crackpot edge to it but suspend disbelief for a moment and consider how it could answer many questions and address many mysteries that surround us.

If you are very open minded also consider how the touching of the membrane dimensions could explain UFOs, aliens, shadow people or even ghosts-I think it is possible.

Another recent theory says that artistic people should not be medicated with anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications since they are not imbalanced they are literally high strung and their “artistic“ personalities are a natural state for such individuals.

So with all these theories on the table it isn’t a huge stretch to consider that the artistic, creative person is much more susceptible to higher levels of contact with the other dimensional realities.

I have often annoyed people because I know what is in gift boxes before opening them, I often know when people are seriously ill or close to some life threatening danger---strange precognitive occurrences.

I don’t think it makes me psychic I think I am vibrating at a different frequency than others and I happen to be sensitive to these particular experiences.

Psychics often annoy me because they seem to think they know everything about everything and create elaborate supportive data to strengthen their stance.

I think we all have some psychic, ESP type ability and throughout our lives have precognitive and other seemingly psychic events.

I guarantee you if I guess a babies sex while it’s in the womb even at 50/50 odds I will be wrong more often than right-like 90 percent wrong.

I do pay attention when I get the “earthquake” feeling and I am cautious when my “danger” signals get strong---I think this is something we all should do because I think many people have these feelings for good reason and need to pay attention to them.

There have been so many dream interpretation theories over the years and some of them seem to actually work out-I happened to like one that said when you dreamed about houses or buildings it had to do with your Mother and vehicles or machinery had to do with your Father.

I do think our brains manufacture dreams for various reasons-sometimes just to dump excess stored info, other times to help us deal with stresses of various types.

Those are the dreams that have purple cats in tuxedos eating bananas while flamingos chase us around the room.

Actual dreams…

Alice in wonderland symbolist silliness…

A few levels up comes the hyper-realist experience…it’s a shame that we can’t have a huge database where we register what we dream in a blind study and see who else in the world happened to have the same dream at the same time.

The big “WHAT IF”…what if our consciousness is going to an actual place or places where it encounters others not only from our plane of existence but other entities as well.

As far as I can remember I have never had one of these complicated dreams (or any dream for that matter) where I looked at myself in a mirror…isn’t that interesting-why not?

Recurring dreams always seem to have a lesson involved-it may not be readily apparent at the time but think how such experiences are tailored to help us cope with some issue.

I often have arguments in dreams-I don’t tend to argue with people in life so I work out my anger in Dreams-in the hyper realistic dream state I never have arguments-I have had lengthy discussions with others, I have resolved issues and I have learned many things but never any anger.

If a dreams IS “a wish your heart makes” what if we can wish ourselves into a place where there is more available to our minds than what we normally have.

I don’t know exactly why I thought this was important to write about right this moment-it has been on my mind…

Perhaps it’s the high strung artist part of the story that made the cosmic connection for me.

I do find many similarities in artistic, creative people-I love to be around the creative type of person but have you ever noticed how difficult it is at times-we are just wired uniquely and we aren’t simple people.

Anyway, it’s interesting as a subject and I have noticed that since I have been paying more attention to my dream state other parts of my life have become easier to cope with on a daily basis.

I have also begun to notice a distinct correlation between my creativity and my dreaming.

I don’t get ideas from my dreams but the more I dream the more ideas I have.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facebook Flap


A word that seems to polarize people these days…yer either fer it or agin it…

I, myself, remain neutral.

I like Facebook because it makes my life simpler.

I can keep track of friends and their doings or in the case of a day like this one-happens to be my sister’s birthday-I can keep up on the social plans without the multiple emails normally required to get approximately 10 people in the same place at the same time (Dress code aside).

I have kept my friends list small and mostly to those I know well or people they know who now “know“me.

The internet is a bizarre thing from the start-I mean think about it-we have “friends” that we know from the ether, we never or may never meet in the flesh but these are some of the more important relationships in our lives.

The computer age…long may it wave.

I am not greedy in that I can manage with a couple dozen people on my contact list without feeling unpopular.

I am becoming bored with the “games”-they are repetitive and somewhat annoying moneymakers for the people at ZYNGA-I refuse to pay real money for cyber coins so I can buy a Gorilla or a Maserati-since I don’t want hundreds of people lurking around my friends list I will never have the power required to get ahead, build a better farm or gain huge power in the Mafia so I sort of participate in order to help those I know who seem to care about such things.

Short of the community comments and occasional witty banter being advanced in years and not a 14 year old with braces on my brains I take FACEBOOK for what I can get out of it-no more, no less.

Like Blogging-it’s another form of communication and social contact for me in my slightly agoraphobic existence…I do need to get out more but I am too poor for volunteering and too involved for anything else with my arting, writing and so forth.
In other words…solitude is OK because I am fairly busy.

I will stay with FACEBOOK for now and see what happens-I haven’t had any bad experiences with it and certainly it’s less intrusive and bizarre than say TAGGED…when I divested myself of that particular aberration my spam mail dropped by 90 percent.

Odd thing is I don’t remember joining TAGGED in the first place.

I joined FACEBOOK to do exactly what I am doing-to use it to keep track of people I “know” and to better keep up with my family-for that it serves me well.

I will admit I belong to a couple of fan pages and maybe a couple other things that I have forgotten why I joined at the start but haven’t bothered to excise…all in all I find it benign without being banal so bottom line it’s OK.

“From FACEBOOK where?”, I suppose is the question.

We’ll see what strolls down the cyber pike and lures me in…sexy apps are almost irresistible don’t you find it?

For a time I was addicted to ROLLER COASTER TYCOON.

I would literally spend hours designing my theme park and managing it until I had tendonitis in my thumb (maybe it was carpel tunnel I don’t know) and I would play despite throbbing pain in my “mouse hand” and crippling arthritis the next day after a lengthy session.

This went on for months-hours at a time, sleep be damned…I went through life a groggy mess but my park was fabulous!

Facebook does not require that amount of time or pain-on and off here and there throughout the day and I’m satisfied.

Since I am not into “CHAT” Facebook has finite attractions for me…if they offer something like Roller Coaster Tycoon however, I will need to resign.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Bye

Mother’s Day is here this weekend…

I feel compelled to write…something…

Usually I would have been planning the “Sunday excursion”-My Mother loved to take long lazy drives in interesting areas.

One year we went and visited all the houses we had lived in around Los Angeles-Lynwood, Pico Rivera and home to Burbank.

More often we would head off to Solvang or the beach cities-just anywhere that was interesting and scenic…in her later years it became more and more important to her.

Finally in 2006 too tired and too sick to stay any longer she left us…it has gotten easier to bear but the emptiness is still very real.

I used to talk to her everyday-we worked together on many projects: Costume Design, Crafts designs, she made dolls and I painted the faces, I made dolls and she made the sample clothes, I designed many items for her to create and then we would take them along when we did the big craft shows on the east coast and sell them for her---she loved getting that extra money.

I hope she never figured out that as her work became less professional and just didn’t sell we would find a Salvation Army or Goodwill bin and make a donation and bring her home the money as if she had sold out…little deceptions are allowed sometimes.

She was terrified of ending up in a rest home-she always bore a great deal of guilt because she had put her Mother in one when she could no longer take care of her.
Luckily my sister was head of nursing at a very luxurious retirement hotel in the ritzy part of the valley but despite all we did Mother was never happy there and made sure we knew it.

I drove from Burbank over to Woodland Hills almost every day despite not being well myself at the time and she often asked when I was taking her home.

At the end knowing what I know now I’m sorry we didn’t take her home and let hospice come there-I think a few days in her own place might have made a difference…I’ll never know now.

When I went to work at Disneyland I was still quite fragile and often I would see children being horrible to their mothers-usually I could shrug it off but occasionally when I saw a Mother’s eyes well up with tears I would admonish the little devils to be kind to their Mothers since I didn’t have mine anymore…amazingly I never got into trouble for it.

We often only know the full value of a person after they are gone.
I certainly was close to my Mother and though we bickered and had spats we managed on a day to day basis to not make each other too crazy.

I think we expect our parents to live forever…I don’t know.

I read somewhere that as long as you have one parent you maintain that “safe” childlike calm but when you lose the last one you move into the position where you are guarding the gate between this world and the next-it’s one reason it is so hard for a parent to outlive their child-it just goes against the laws of nature.

I always urged my Mother to cooperate with her doctors and try to have a good outlook, I knew if she ever gave up it would be the end.

She constantly told me not to worry she wasn’t going anywhere…I didn’t count that as a promise.

On the last day I saw her-a Weds I think-it was obvious the end was coming-I’m not even sure she knew I was there, she was in and out but aware on some level.

When I am sick I always have taken great comfort in having my hair smoothed or head rubbed in a soft manner.

Without thinking I reached out to smooth her hair and she said, rather sharply, “Don’t rub my head.”

She never opened her eyes; she never looked at me…just those four words.
That was the last time I saw my Mother.

I think we must always consider that every time we see someone dear to us it may be the last time.

The last time I saw my Dad, dying of cancer, an empty shell of the man he had been I wish I hadn’t seen him-my memory even during his sickness was of the robust ruddy faced little Irish German guy he had been…but the disease had taken his toll after two years.

The last memory of my Mother…the stern rebuke.

I have always loved the speech Katherine Hepburn makes in Stage Door, though it has often been made fun of, reading it one gets the true depth of the sentiment:

“The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower, suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died...Have you gathered here to mourn, or are you here to bring me comfort?... I've learned something about love that I never knew before. That I never knew before. You speak of love when it's too late. Help should come to people when they need it. Why are we always so helpful to each other when it's no longer any use?...One should always listen closely when people say goodbye because sometimes they're not saying Good-bye they're really saying farewell"

Whatever you believe about this world and the next I don’t thinks it’s too hard to think about feelings between people and how important our partings may be.

Now I always try to say FAREWELL; Goodbye is just too final for me.