Friday, July 30, 2010


I started this BLOG…why? To talk about art and other stuff I am interested in…It’s a rambling conversation with myself…

For awhile I was obsessive about blogging but like many things it went from a daily journal to a frequent rant and finally to something I did when I had a thought or an irritation to write about.

Blogging like many things in my life sometimes takes a backseat to other stuff that is more important at the time…I should blog more because it’s a good thing to do.

Shaking out the dusty corners of one’s mind keeps the cobwebs and overloads away.

I have recently been majorally irritated with TARGET.

I love Target…or as we say in French “TAR-JAY”.

I should just hand them a couple hundred dollars as I walk in the door and save time at the end of my visit.

Every time I go into the place they offer me a credit card-you know the drill that happy “You can save 10 percent of you apply…blah, blah, blah…

I have staunchly refused, now they are giving money to candidates with strong anti-gay platforms.


Because the candidates are pro-business…

Target, like Disney and other companies has been steadfast in supporting the GLBTIQ community-they seem to keep adding letters it stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Inter-sexed, Queer community…some transgender people don’t like being included because they aren’t Gay they are heterosexuals trapped in the wrong bodies but then there are the men who have sex change operations so they can be Lesbians and the women who have sex change operations to be Straight and then become bi-sexual.

It’s a little like a bad joke.

The inter-sexed do not want to be confused with the Transgendered because the Inter-sexed people are BOTH or neither depending on which one you talk to.

Why QUEER gets in there I still don’t understand it’s a little like slapping the “N” word at the end of the NAACP…to me at least…I think of it along the lines of Kike, Pansy, Wetback…epithets…

There are those who vehemently disagree.

So Target gave $150,000.00 to a PAC who sponsors a specific Republican candidate…then I find out Best Buy did too…crap!

My other favorite store…

If you hear I dispatched myself in a sudden fit of ennui it’s because Michael’s joined in…then there would be no reason to live…

I wrote an impassioned email to Target and I got back a serving of pabulum about their dedication to business and their customers and their employees (not the GLBTIQ ones I guess).

A nice grandma/mom/PFLAG (parents and friends of Lesbians and Gays-Im sure they also care about the BTIQ folks as well) member went viral with a video in which she went into Target and bought a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff using her Target credit card and then immediately returned the stuff-had her card credited and cut up the card in the store vowing to never again darken the door of a Target store.

She thought it would be nice if they gave the same amount of money to a GLBTIQ organization-well, they have and do, and that’s the confusing part.

They also have domestic partner coverages and all sorts of inclusive things just like Disney and the other forward thinkers.

So what do we do…we who are confused and upset by one action that has already been mitigated by another action?

It’s annoying as HELL!

Best Buy at least responded with an “OOOPPPSS are we bad?” to my email, “TarJay” held their ground and said they are pro-business and that is that-don’t shop here if ya don’t like it but meanwhile we are doing good wherever we can…crap!

CRAPPOLA…as my Mother was fond of saying.

I now have no idea where to direct my anger nor what to do with the several Target gift cards I got for my birthday.

I suppose I could go into Target and buy only DISNEY things-Disney being a pro-GLBTIQ company but then they are in effect supporting Target by selling their wares in Target.

I could cash in my Target cards and shop at WALMART----as if…

Maybe I should cash in the Target Cards and send the money to PFLAG?

My Mother always told me that I THINK too much-that is my excuse for blogging less; the Target situation remains unresolved.