Friday, November 26, 2010

Now taking applicants for my DESIGN TEAM

I guess it’s time so I am forming an ELITE DESIGN TEAM to help showcase my digi stamps.

I will be having SIX designers on the team; one space has already been filled by Elaine Lienhart.

The remaining five will need to be unique in their style, meticulous in their work and offer something special by being a part of this team.

Design team members will receive free digis - not single designs but full sheets, free of charge, before they are available at my shop.

I will also be asking design team members for input on the designs that will help me decide what does and doesn’t make it to public offering, what themes should be offered and ways to improve my products by adding additional images or elements.

I will ask for one design per member per month using my digis with an assigned theme or color but any DT member may submit more for consideration-I will also occasionally ask that each DT member use the same image as all the other DT members to show how diverse the handling of one image can be (repeated, flipped, cropped etc).

I will link my blog with the blog or website of each DT member so visitors can enjoy all the work they do-I will also provide a button that MUST be displayed on DT members’ blogs to link them to this blog and identify them as Elite Design Team Members.

I am especially interested in those designers who can venture outside the paper crafts box and use my images on a variety of projects like wearables, gifts, wood etc.

I am also especially interested in those designers who use Adobe CS3 or better and are adept with digital manipulation of images.

Anyone interested may submit 3 jpegs of their top project designs using digis by email to me at .

Please be sure you have watermark or copyright protected your designs.
Designers not selected will be notified and their jpegs will be deleted to protect their work.

I will also be judging the quality of the photos you send-Elaine does beautiful photos of her work, well lit and with props and accessories that compliment the items-these are the kinds of photos I am looking for.

There is no deadline and I will notify designers who apply and are chosen to be a part of the team-the first DT project will be due in Mid January 2011.
I will not fill the team simply to have it filled I will only add people who I truly feel will be an asset to this group and have a unique aesthetic and top work.

PLEASE do not apply if you cannot participate for at least 6 months as a DT member-Thanks!

Look forward to seeing some great project submissions and feel free to alert friends who may be interested in being considered.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stampin With the Dragon CHALLENGE

Be sure to hop on over to STAMPIN WITH THE DRAGON today (Friday, Nov.26th, 2010) and get in on her challenge contest where the contest is an EXCLUSIVE one of a kind digi sheet featuring a collection of whimsical DRAGONS which will go to ONE lucky winner!!!

The sheet features 3 design s which are being used by her Design Team to make samples and 3 other designs which will be available ONLY on the winners digi sheet.

Like Stitchy Bear-once the challenge is over and the sheet is mailed these designs will never be available again as stamps.

I always make a few new friends from these welcome if you haven't seen my work before.

SWTD graciously loaned me a couple preview designs from her DT to share with you here so enjoy-I haven't offered too much fantasy based content in digis because I thought dragons and unicorns were sorta yesterdays business but if you'd like to see more in that or any area on my ETSY shoppe be sure and leave a comment letting me know or drop me a note via ETSY.

Thanks again to STAMPIN WITH THE DRAGON and their Talented DT for sharing the preview design images!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I BRAKE FOR STAMPS has just released the 2nd group of stamps in their exclusive line featuring my designs.

I think they did a great job!

There are more to come so stay tuned!!

Happy Thanksgiving all!

BE SURE to check back on FRIDAY after Thanksgiving when STAMPIN WITH THE DRAGON will be featuring exclusive artwork from me on their challenge blog!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

MY LIFE - In 1,000 words or less

I have had an interesting life-varied and interesting…
Art and theatre are recurring themes-I have done both since an early age.
Theatre has gone by the wayside at this point other than ATTENDING a performance and the occasional odd review for a local paper.
ART continues to center my life and into it I pour a huge amount of my creative fervor.
I also like movies (films too).
I started working at the age of 12.
I did sketches for my Aunt’s ready to wear clothing business in the L A garment district.
Interesting isn’t it that at that age I had a sense of style that was worthy of being a sketch artist designer? I find it so anyway.
I did plays and designed sets and programs and program covers, acted supporting and lead roles even directed and stage managed before I was out of high school.
I discovered one day to my astonishment that I could sing-I had an enormous voice of some quality.
Later the pundits would say world class; A world class voice was wasted in favor of ostrich feathers and rhinestones when I abandoned show biz.
I had performed in, designed or directed over 100 productions; theatre had begun to bore me.
Those who want to know how I managed to do so many productions in a short period of time forget that OPERA singers can literally appear in 3 or 4 productions a week during their amateur and even semi-pro careers.
I often was in Santa Monica on Tuesday, Beverly Hills on Thursday and somewhere south on the weekend essaying a variety of roles in various productions.
Meanwhile in my off hours I would be sketching a new “Hoffmann” for some company and a production of “Little Foxes for another.
I designed everything from SUPER GRAND OPERA like AIDA at Redlands Bowl (complete with animals) to production shows with lots of flash and bare bosoms to straight plays and musicals and even some experimental theatre productions.
If I could have made a living at it I might have been a milliner-I loved making hats and head dresses.
In the early 70’s I was a professional soloist at a famous Los Angeles Church in the old Philharmonic building downtown (Weds eve and Sunday mornings) I was on the faculty of the LACCD Opera Theatre at ELACC Tuesday and Thursday evenings teaching and designing sets, costumes and make-ups and designed confections for Basking Robbins during the days.
Later from 1976 to 1979 I gave VIP tours at Universal and met some amazing people like Jean Genet, Signe Hasso, Lotte Lenya, Jane Fonda, Jimmy Carter…the list goes on for days.
In my spare time I illustrated poetry and was commissioned to do pen and ink drawings for various fans and the occasional “Celeb”.
Like many artists and actors I would try to keep a rent paying gig as much as I could and I did many odd (and far flung) jobs over the years.
I waited tables in some better restaurants, ran a telecommunications company and managed 2 subsidiaries on the side, did art shows, designed crafts, craft kits, dolls and t-shirt designs and even managed a nightclub and gift shop on the Redondo Pier-A very young Ellen De Generous appeared there for a week as did Margaret Smith and many others.
Whatever I did I always gave art my attention for at least part of the time.
I sang less and less over the years and gave my last staged performance as Sharpless in Madame Butterfly at Opera 500 Laguna Hills in the late 1980s.
The oddest bit of casting in my career found me playing Nick Aronstein in Funny Girl-not something I would ever do again I am much more comfortable as Scarpia or some other villain than as a leading man type.
In the 90s I was a writer, usually on, about and how to do ART. I was the crafts coordinator for a national magazine, wrote several (not too popular) books on decorative painting and faux finishes, contributed to many national magazines including BH&G and I taught at seminars and appeared at trade shows-Television was inevitable.
I did a few cable shows and was just getting ready to launch a show of my own when I was sidetracked by family illness and problems of various kinds.
Frankly, I didn’t want to be on TV carrying a show and worrying about ratings.
I sold shrunken heads and rubber cobras at Disneyland and later carved people’s names on leather items while wearing really bad costumes-that lasted 3 years and is my previous rent payer to now.
Here I am today in a new arena doing DIGI stamps-a couple months back I had no idea what a digi stamp was-I am having a great time and planning what I want to do next.
I have negotiated the contract for hard stamps now I would like to get back into licensing my work for various products like T shirts and collectables-at least I think that’s what I want to do.
Friends continue to try and coerce me into performing but my voice while still huge is not dependable so L A Opera will probably NOT be on my agenda other that as an audience member.
I wrote this because someone asked me what I HADN’T done in my life time.
All things considered-it hasn’t been dull!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Operation Write Home

Because people are still blog hopping I have extended the OWH special for a day or two-visit my etsy shoppe for savings on spring stamps and a special OWH sampler sheet with purchase!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Operation Write Home BLOG HOP

I am so happy to be #14 on the OPERATION WRITE HOME blog hop!

I hope you will enjoy the cards especially made for this event by
Elaine Lienhart and Jacqueline Dennis.

Both designers used images from my LIL FOLKS spring Holiday digi sheet which also has images suitable for St Patrick’s Day and Easter.

Just a few pieces of information OWH has asked us to share.

The deadline for CHRISTMAS CARDS has passed-if you must make them to feel in the holiday spirit there’s always next year.

Right now VALENTINE’S DAY is the next card group to ship-hence the Valentine theme for this blog hop event.

Deadline to have your cards in to OWH is JANUARY 7th, 2011.

Every day cards, Note Cards, Birthday, anniversary etc are all welcome you don’t just have to do holiday themes and remember we need cards suitable for both MEN and WOMEN.

OWH means that our wonderful armed services personnel deployed around the globe receive beautiful, handmade cards with envelopes that they can use to write those special messages home-no rummaging through some dusty PX or searching the shops of KABEL or Baghdad for a card to send.

ALSO please vote for OWH in the Joann's CRAFT FOR A CAUSE contest-we would love to see this worthy cause winn first place this year-the prize money will assure that packing supplies and mailing costs for the hundreds of pounds of cards that go out every year will be met for several years to come!!

In honor of today’s BLOG HOP I have an OWH SPECIAL on my
ETSY SHOPPE-you can purchase the LIL’ FOLKS SPRING HOLIDAYS digi sheet that was used for these beautiful samples, my SIMPLY SPRING SHEET AND a third digi sheet sampler available ONLY for today’s event!

Retail value is $30.00 but you will be paying 33 1/3% less and receiving 3 sheets of images for only $20.00 bucks-that’s today only so be sure to take advantage of this special event offer.

ALSO watch for a new spring angel design download on OWH blog. I am always happy to donate to this very worthwhile cause.

I hope ALL of you are voting for OWH in the JOANN’S Craft for a Cause contest-I want OWH to take home the big prize which will go a long way in making sure the cards keep going to faraway places for the benefit of the armed forces.

I will be blogging more about this but I did want to add in the exciting news that I have signed a contract with I BRAKE FOR STAMPS to produce an exclusive line of HARD STAMPS designed just for them.

Clowns, Mermaids and other favorite designs will be included-the clowns are currently available on their website.

I will continue to do my DIGI stamps and I thank all of you for your support and acceptance of the new guy on the block-ME-I love doing the designs and I’m always eager to hear about your ideas for images you would like me to add over at my ETSY shoppe.

An early happy VALENTINES DAY to you all and remember sharing what you love to do by sharing your creativity is a great way to show your support for the men and women of all nations serving as our allies and from our own country to help keep us safe and free.

Despite what you feel about the wars the people who are on the front lines deserve to know we care for them and thank them for their brave service.

THANKS AGAIN to ELAINE and JACQUELINE for the “heartfelt” designs you can find their blogs in my featured blogs section on the lower left of this page!!! While you're doen there say HI to FIGARO-see if you can get him to purr :-)

To visit JAN at SHE'S GONE STAMPIN click HERE to reach her blog hop entry.


Dont Forget the big VALENTINES BLOG HOP tomorrow for Operation Write Home!!!
Be sure and visit FIGARO down at the bottom of this page-see if you can make him PURRRRR...
He's the absolutly PURRFECT pet!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I have had such a terrific response to my ETSY shoppe from sponsoring challanges and donating images to worthy groups like OPERATION WRITE HOME.

BTW OWH is one of the finalists in the JOANN'S Craft for a Cause contest and it would be wonderful to see them win.

OWH is 100% volunteer operated and has virtually zero costs for advertising etc-they do need help with postage and shipping materials.

All the cards are donated by crafters and designers and they are provided to service men and women deployed around the world free of charge so they have nice cards to use when they write home-what a great group!!!

You can vote once a day for them to win the FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS which will mail an avalanche of cards over the next years at the JOANN'S site.

I want to thank JACQUELINE DENNIS ( for her very unique and wonderful cards using images from my LET IT SNOW DIGI SHEET-many designers took advantage of the special I have posted offering LET IT SNOW and SIMPLY CHRISTMAS as a package for 25% off.

Jacqueline has a wonderful blog which features really in depth tutorials and excellant photos on how she creates her cards---be sure and visit her while you are blog surfing!

I also have recvd some wonderful samples from STITCHY BEAR'S Design Team.

This hat design is from my FASHIONS sheet and is also included on the DESIGNER THANK YOU SHEET which I send out to people who send me useable images of their work which I consider OUTSTANDING examples of projects using my images.

I always appreciate seeing what you do with my designs and I also send out a thank you sheet with a sampler of seasonal images when I recv jpegs of your work via email.

I am amazed and pleased that I am so popular in th UK and Europe!

I have had many purchases of my images from overseas especially from the UK but also including Russia, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and Norway to name but a few.

I guess it speaks to the international language of ART which transends borders and is one of our greatest ambassadors around the world.

We who love to CRAFT, DESIGN and CREATE make friends around the world without having to say a word!

THANKS AGAIN to ALL who have shared their work to be enjoyed on my BLOG and ETSY shoppe and I hope to see MANY more examples of your work in the coming months.

My next challange sponsorship is on the STAMPING WITH THE DRAGON blog this month.

The Pumpkin Head card below is from FABULOUS Elaine Lienhart whose work is constantly amazing to me-Thanks Elaine!!