Monday, February 28, 2011


From the W H Auden translation of Mozarts Magic Flute:

Music makes us
wise and free
Join in peacful

I have done "The Magic Flute as a designer, director and sand Papageno probably a couple dozen times and ASTRAFIAMANTE-the glorious queen of the Night with her two colouratura arias like celestial fireworks are amongst my Favorites.

Music was the theme for collage obsession this week and I couldnt help but borrow Bougereau's Le Nuit to stand in for the angry queen-sandwiched with a baroque starry dome, a renaissance angel and the flute line of the opera (with some other random elements to creat my collage for this week.

Simpler than what I usually do but theres nothing more I could add to flesh it out further.

Thanks to Tiffany for the theme and some elements of this weeks challenge!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Elite design team member CARINA sent me this lovely wintry Unicorn card she did and I just had to share it.

Fantasy is back strong with dragons, fairies, unicorns and all sorts of mystical subjects returning strong and popular.

I do see a more sophisticated colour palette with these images-less pastel rainbow and more earthy or seasonal-a good direction in my opinion.

Watch this blog in MARCH for the first BLAST from my Elite Design Team Members (still time for a few of you to submit your work for consideration-I believe I have 3 spaces left on the EDT.

In MARCH the team will bring you unique and unusual projects using my "clippings" designs-the elfin faces in various flowers-perfect for spring and mothers day.

Thanks again to Carina for the gorgeous Unicorn card!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Giclee Prints on Paper or Canvas

I have had requests to purchase copiues of some of the work I have posted on my blog or elsewhere.

I have found a reasonable Giclee printer who can do the prints on top quality museum stock or on canvas ready to hand with wrapped sides

Prints are created from my digital files.

The price range is from 50.00usd up plus shipping and would depend on size, style of print etc-all such prints would include a certificate of authenticity.

A 16 x 20 on canvas could be as much as 225.00usd.

Giclee prints are used by many top museums and galleries and are state of the art currently in reproductions of digital art.

I also do art cards on premium photo paper using pigment inks (less susceptible to UV) if you would just like a copy of a particular piece-prices range from 7.50usd up plus USPS shipping and are mailed flat.

Please contact me at for further information-I will handle all sales through paypal.


Old Dark House Challenge

This was my week to design the challenge for collage obsession and I decided I wanted to start with a background and let the artists work foreward (rather than surrounding a central figure).

I pposted the black and white "SANDWICH" above-the house being one element sandwich with the cloudy sky. The finished piece is at the end of my post, below.

I feel that collage is like OPERA or Ballet-you can have a lot going on at once that tells a story.

Through colour, layering and imagery I hope my opus for this week "Protect the children" fufills the storytelling aspect at least.

I love spooky, ghostlike images especially when they are layered so that one must study carefully exactly what one is seeing in the finished composition-I also love allegorical elements.

By combining many layers of colours and textures before I added the "ghosts" I think I achieved the feeling I wanted to convey-I did a little photoshop plastic surgery on the "villan" to make him even more ominous and added some elements from Itkupilli's Steam Punk and Skellies digital design packet to finish off the design.

If you can enjoy a little shiver I hope you enjoy this piece-as you can see I just can't wait for Halloween!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


This week blog owner Itkupilli (Kirsi) passed on a COOLAGE OBSESSION challenge from someone else-it involved the 3 graces and spring-also a large psychedelic doughnut which I forced myself to use...I think the final piece with icons of water, magic, rebirth and new life speaks directly to the coming of spring-those bright colours that are the shoots and buds before the full bloom...I also softened the background with an overlay of Hydrengeas to help bring together the colour scheme...the mermaids and the other lady are fom Itkupilli's Waterhouse Beauties sheet as are some of the other elements.

New DT Member - HELENE

Our third ELITE DESIGN TEAM Member is Helene from SWEDEN...

"My name is Helene but in blogland I guess I am more known as Mummylade. I have been a crafter as long as I can remember but it became a serious addiction a couple of years ago. I work as a secondary teacher in Swedish and English, a very rewarding job indeed! I have a great husband who loves to cook and I love that he loves to cook and we are blessed with two lovely daughters, age 9 and 19. When it comes to crafting style I adore the vintage and shabby chic and I'm slowly turning the entire house to suit my obsession =). I enjoy doing cards but my true passion is boxes and altered items, and I love recycling old stuff and use out-of-the-ordinary things for my crafting."

I think from the sample picture you can see why we picked Helene for the EDT-she has an out of the ordinary view of objects and how they can be embellished besides a great eye for colour, texture and design.

Welcom Helene I look foreward to working with you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

NEW Design Team Member CARINA!!!

When I first saw Carina Hella's work, the soft colours and attention to details I thought she might make a wonderful addition to my Elite Design Team.

Lucky for me before I had a chance to invite her she applied.

I shared some pictures of Carina's work with Elaine and we both agreed that we had found the 2nd member of my EDT.

Carina lives outside Bergen in Norway with her boufriend and dog and has only been crafting about one year.

It just goes to show that how long someone has been crafting has less to do with the product than their inante artistic and design sensebilities.

Carina says, "When I fist visit Rick St. Dennis etsy site I knew I would fall so in love with his images, they were funny, grown up and in so many different styles, it was the digi’s I was looking for! I first got the fashion sett and painted the girls on it, and I soon realized I had to have some more! So I got a little of this and a little of that. And than I stumbled over the DT Call in his blog, and I knew I just had to try, and here I am!"

Welcome aboard Carina, we look forward to seeing what you come up with in the coming months...

Remember there are still 4 spaces to fill on the EDT so let your friends and fellow designers know about this opportunity.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

VEROOSHKA - The Valentine Poster Girl

Back in December I decided to do some sprite like creatures sort of crossed with high fashion models-I did a sheet of garden sprites and a large sprite and then decided to do a Holiday themed version.

Kandy Kane of Holly lane was the result -a leggy creature with ornaments and candy canes and all sorts of holiday swag adorning her lithe frame.

She was a little wild and edgy but that's the nice thing about ETSY an artist can go outside the box and do some more edgy items since the listings aren't too expensive and see if anyone enjoys the item.

It was obvious fairly quickly that Kandy was very popular in Russia and Scandinavia the Europe in general so popular in fact I decided to do a sequel and that's how Verooshka was born.

Verooshka Valentine-the heart breaker in her perky skirt and garters bedecked in hearts was my centerpiece for my Valentine collection-a new queen of hearts for a new age.

I received many versions of Verooshka back from artists so I thought I would share some of them with you in this post.

Ekaterina Easter the artist hasn't been too popular but its early yet-Easter comes late this year-I have to think up a follow up for her to span the summer months.

Yes I have named the "girls" with "Russian" names in honor of their fans-thanks to all you designers who have made them a part of your projects!

Kandy, Ekaterina and Verooshka will all retire this year and will be replaced by new versions later in the season.

Samples by Lena Katrine (Candy Box) and Hazel at Didos Designs (card)


Monday, February 7, 2011


I am befuddled by transsexualism---I don't get it. I have known several TS people in my life but just found a "bad joke" quality to the whim of a higher power that would make a man who had to change his sex in order to be a lesbian...The Collage Obsession challenge from Glenys this week was about transformation and transforming something into something so I transformed my question into a visual equivalent...hope you enjoy Metamorphosis.

Let me be perfectly clear that I support any one's right to alter themselves in whatever way in may take to achieve happiness and mental health so transgender people have every right to find their happiness---I sincerely hope that this drastic change IS the answer they need.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have 2 sheets of CAT DESIGNS OVER ON MY etsy SHOPPE...i have this fantasy that Cats have a life all their own which is much richer and fuller than any we can imagine.

This little fellow so wonderfully presented in a card by Elaine Lienharts is enjoying a martini in his lounging outfit before settleing in to watch a DVD of CATS on his big screen and maybe enjoying a mouse sandwich (hold the Mayo).

Hope you enjoy this card as much as I do!

Thanks EL! We are still looking for designers to fill in our design team so take a look at my blog posts about the Elite Design Team and get your submissions in!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

FAMILY challenge

This weeks challenge on Collage Obsession is about Family----I started at the pyramids and made it an unbroken line of generation that just got stranger-I think Families are often like that.

I later rethought the subject not as a subject but as a scenario and borrowed some inspiration from BALZAC to create the 2nd version above.


This is not a topic I often take on-strange little children yes buy families not so much.