Thursday, March 31, 2011

Little Bits

I have had many requests from designers and crafters for digi images thats are small, easy to color and related stylaistically so that one or several can be used on a project.

I came up with what will be the beginnings of a new series of Little Bits---in this case Little Bits of SPRING.

Once I had a sheet completed of images that I liked I sent them off to my wonderfil Elite Design Team with some words about how I envisioned the designs being used and I am thrilled that (as always) they surpassed what I envisioned with some wonderful, creative ideas to share with you.

HAZEL did the wonderful box below filled with notecards that keep the images small.

What a great gift to recv: fun, colourful and useful!

ELAINE sent in two of her wonderful card designs-it seems all the designers liked the ducklings-Elaine also did the funny frog.

I love the bright colours and the cheerful embellishments on her cards!

HAZEL used the kitten design from the collection to create party bags and tags in fun, girly colours!

Next HELENE offers her party bags in softer colours perfect for a garden party or shower!

CARINA does Easter baskets that are just DUCKY! Simple but charming.

Finishing off our party are TINE's candy bags also featuring the duckling theme!

I can see these images used on potpourri bags, fabric or paper coasters, perhaps adapted as pins or party decor-so many ideas and you get all these and more on the sheet.

I have the LITTLE BITS OF SPRING sheet on my ETSY shop at a special price of $8.00!

Once it sells out it will go up at it's regular price of $10.00 so grab one of the first ones and start making a slew of wonderful projects for spring parties-you still have time since EASTER is late this year.

Watch these pages for more Little Bits...Halloween, Christmas, Summer and Fall and who knows what else will find it's way into this new series which I hope you will love using as much as I loved doing these designs.

Thanks to my very talented ladies-I do have the most wonderful design team and Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write me and let me know how much you appreciate their creative excellance...BRAVO ladies for another job well done!

Happy spring to all, the freesias will bloom soon-my favorite flower with such a magical fragrance!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Della emailed me to tell me her latest designs from MOI are up at I brake for Stamps-she still has MORE waiting in the wings-They do such a great job with my designs I am so happy to be working with them.

If you want rubber stamps rather than Digis-Della at IBFS has the exclusive contract for my designs...check em out!

THERE IS ALWAYS A LINK ON MY BLOG DOWN THERE ON THE LEFT but of course you could also bookmark her page...

Thanks to all who support both my site AND IBFS!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Salome in her BATH

This weeks collage obcession

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome HAZEL-new EDT member from Scotland

Hazel certainly tried hard and showed she really wanted to be a part of the EDT_I think you will agree from her projects that she deserves a slot?

Hazel has this to say about herself and her life:

" Hi I am Hazel Christison a Mum of 2 boys Jake and Tom. We live on the East Coast of Scotland. I have been a few things in my 36 years from a Midwife to a Motorsport Sales assistant. I am now at home all the time fighting and happily winning a battle against agoraphobia.

(Rick Note: Hazel I also have agoraphobia and anxiety disorder so I know it isn't easy especially when you have children and a family-you keep winning the battle-it does ger better)

I have crafted for as long as I can remember but seriously took it up about 4 years ago. I remember making origami shapes for hours as a wee girl and every Christmas I would make my own cards for my Grannys. I enjoy all types of crafting from making cards, ATCs and smaller projects to bigger challenges for the home. I could sit for hours bringing images to life with my my promarkers which I think are now my number 1 crafting favourite tool.

I am really looking forward to working with Rick and his Talented Design Team. "

I hope you have a great time Hazel and we look forward to seeing more of your designs in our upcoming EDT projects!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Little Tramp

This week Kirsi (Itkupilli) provided two images of Charlie Chaplin as the Little Tramp so I decied to collage up a faux "publicity Shot" of the type common to the days of Vaudeville-along the road a troupe of Vaudeville girls has stopped for a picnic and happened to cross paths with Charlie Chaplin thus this photo.
Shots like this promoted both the movie star and the participants-in this case the fictitious TIPPECANOE TAPPERS. (click on the image for a larger view)

For the 2nd Charlie Chaplin image I did Little Scandals-Charlie "fell down" when he became involved with 14 year old Lita Grey-like many scandals in Hollywood eventually Chaplin suffered from the scandal and didn't appear in Hollywood for many years.

Thanks for a funn collage challange Kirsi!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Fashionable Invitation EDT Challange

I asked my wonderful ELITE DESIGN TEAM to create a more adult "High Fashion" invitation using feathers, rhinestones and Fedora Fashionplate but no flowers.

I also assigned them each a colour to work with-Lavender, Blue, Pink or Yellow but to keep sophisticated and more of an evening event in mind.

I think they all did a splendid job and I hope you will agree.

Each project has it's own panache-I love the beaded stickpins and the idea of an Invitation BOX that could hold after dinner mints or a little gift.

The stand up cards could be echoed at the party as Placecards; personalized keepsakes to take home and treasure.

I think omitting the flowers makes the designs more sophisticated and elegant, again this is my taste I'm sure many will not agree.

FEDORA is part of the fashionista series that includes Ekaterina Easter and Kandy Kane-they have been very popular especially with my European/UK fans I hope to have Sophia SUMMER available very soon on my Etsy shoppe.

As always I would love to see what you create and remember if you send in a design that is published on my Blog you will recieve a Thank You sheet of images as a gift from me.

I'm in the mood for a party-Thanks to Elaine, Helene, Tine and Carina my wonderful EDT Ladies!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome our newest EDT Member TINE

Our FOURTH Elite Design Team member is TINE from Norway.

"Hi, I called Tine E. S. Kristiansen and is 34 years old. Coming from a small cozy village west coast of Norway where I live with my fiance, our daughter of 3 years and his son in 13 years living with us every other week.

I have "always" been doing some hobby stuff. But I did not start with this hobby until a little after our daughter was born. I wanted to make albums to her and "stumbled" over any Internet shops. Then I went on my first scrap shop and then it was done. I was hooked on this hobby.

My style .. Well what shall I say. Do I have a style? I think I can make a lot different. But if it's right right in it and the style I do not know. I create cards / boxes as I want and like, so it may be what style it will for me;)

Appreciate being allowed to participate in the design team here and looking forward to get started with Rick's amazing digital stamps:)"

Enjoy Tine's project which she submitted at my request and I'm sure you will enjoy what she submits in the future!

This is a holder for individually wrapped candies but could also be adapted to hold tea bags in individual wrappers.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Too Many Ghosts

My answer to this weeks collage obsession by GLENYS-she asks for only the interuptation of a single word MANY-but in this case I think TOO many is appropriate.
The only other charecters beside TOO MANY GHOSTS are the charecters for Water Dragon.
May there soon be peace and comfort for the people of Japan.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This image just came to me for this weeks challenge on collage obsession-I don'y know if I agree with it or not

Saturday, March 5, 2011

CLIPPINGS for spring-Elite Design Team projects

Spring is upon us and with it projects turn to flowers and whimsy.
I asked my design team to use images from my CLIPPINGS collection (4 sheets of designs available-hop over to ETSY for a design team special) to create projects that “were not cards” but used the images in interesting ways.
This is the first assignment for my Elite Design Team Members and I think they did a great job!

CLIPPINGS was an idea I came up with awhile back and feature flowers wit elfish faces and ranges from Daisies and Roses to orchids and Poinsettias.
Based on the idea of “FLOWER SPIRITS” I just loved creating these little characters and I think they are a great addition to cards and other projects as you will see in the samples that follow.

I love this cachepot using a variety of flower types but how about choosing a “flower spirit” for each family member and adding names to the project? What a cute and personalized gift that would be.
Another project from Helene is the “Plant Pick” which could also be used to brighten up a gift plant and stay on long after the flowers had withered to brighten up the room.

Again, consider a personalization “flag” on the dowel to make this a special gift-how about making up a bunch on Merry Christmas poinsettias or Mistletoe pics and using them on gifts as gift tags-then moving them into house plants as holiday d├ęcor?
So Many ideas…
Thanks to Helene for this project.
Elaine did this charming boutique tissue box cover-she did it from scratch and made her own pattern etc.-less adventurous crafters could buy a premade tissue box cover at Michaels or Jo Anne’s (Or your local craft outlet) and combine similar elements to create a similar feel with less effort.

I love the colours and textures Elaine used and how she repeated the iris pattern to create this cute but sophisticated look.
Carina went a completely different way and did book marks…I love this simple but useful deign and with a little thought this could be sent in a card as a sweet remembrance…I love these kinds of projects that are easily mailable.
Mother’s day is on the way and would one of these book marks be a lovely addition to a beautiful coordinated card all made by you?

I envision garden aprons with “clippings” scattered across them in the form of iron on transfers-HP makes a great high quality iron on that you can print from an Ink Jet and they even have a version for darker colours that I have used with great success on dark coloured backgrounds-another nice gift for someone who gardens-resize the images and iron on a flower bed of garden sprites on the FINGERS on white cotton garden gloves-useful for gardeners but also a finger puppet glove for a new mom or a toy for a toddler.

With some imagination and a little effort these “CLIPPINGS” will bloom in your spring crafts and maybe find themselves lasting all year long…
I also wanted to share an idea I published many years ago to make a soap dish or candy dish that could change with the seasons….
Buy TWO clear glass dishes about the size of a dessert plate-clear uncoloured works best but pale pink or lavender are also nice-be sure when stacked they sit firmly atop one another…now print off your digi stamp designs and either make one for the center of the plate or scatter a number around on the bottom plate a tiny bit of double stick tape on the back of the paper with hold it in place-when you have your designed coloured and in place put the 2nd dish over the first to seal in your design and you’re finished!
You can also fit a paper lace doily on the plate as a background for your images.
More spring ideas from my wonderful design team Next month-Happy St’ Paddy’s day and here comes Easter…

I was blown away by the watering can "Candy Box" which Carnia created for this blog piece-really the perfect finale piece-I just love it!!!!

Be sure and visit the EDT blogs from Elaine, Helene and Carina for more info about their designs!!