Friday, November 30, 2012

Not so creepy Creepmas

My blog posts over hereb will not be so creepy and I am starting with anew image to share with you-THE PRINCE OF CHRISTMAS...

I don't know where this came from but I had this vision of a sort of Renaissance Vegasy Santa with fur and feathers and lavish fabrics and this is what came out.

This is my version coloured with Spectrum Noir pens-I used the pinks, flesh, tans, Turquoises and some corals-I wasn't totally happy so I beefed it up in Photoshop just a bit.

This image is now available in my ETSY shoppe-hopefully in the next few days I will be having some other samples from my EDT ladies.

Here is a version from Monique-loving her colours:

Now start the 13 days of Creepmas Blog Hope day one HERE!

Welcome to the Creepmas Blog Hop 2012

The Big Blog Hop starts Saturday Dec 1, 2012 on my blog at AIRLESS CHAMBERS (the other Rick St dennis Blog).
Let me just tell you there are 3 blog hops going on at once:
First there is my hop with my EDT ladies for 13 days from DEC 1 thru 13 and we have 13 blogs with projects for you to visit-we will also be doing a roll out of new images one each day on MY blog and one somewhere along the blog trail.
Secondly there is Smeared and Smudged 12 days of Creepmas every other day from Dec 1 thru the 23rd and some of my ladies are participating in that blog hop as well so you might want to follow our path then hop over there and do their path-you can skip the ones you’ve already seen.
Finally the official Creepmas Blog Hop and again some of us are doing that hop as well-the official hop has all sorts of participants not just crafters so again you might want to visit their site and hop their path as well-they also run from Dec 1 thru 13.
We hope you’ll enjoy the many fun and creepy projects that we have planned for you, the new images which will be available daily in my ETSY shoppe and all the other craziness of Creepmas.
Remember Creepmas was a little back lash at retailers that insisted that Halloween started in July and didn’t even wait for Halloween to be over before they added the Christmas merchandise so you had bats and vampires amidst the holly and reindeer and thus was CREEPMAS born.
It’s all meant in fun and is not to be taken as a backlash against any religious holidays…
Please be sure to leave comments so we know you have visited our various blogs-there may be a prize for the person who makes the most comments or leaves the funniest comment-never know…
Start the Rick St dennis and EDT hop HERE…and have a scary little Creepmas…

Sunday, November 25, 2012


In honor of Cyber Monday the sale will continue with a new code:


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Code expires Pacific Time MONDAY Nov 26, 2012 9 pm ST

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Code

Here is your coupon code for my ETSY SHOPPE:


When you cut and paste be sure you do not add spaces before or after the code-it will make the code not work.


This code is good through Sunday Nov.25, 2012.

New ALICE and CO image now available in my ETSY SHOPPE under EURO section-only $1.50 with the discount code!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Friday morning I will have a 25% off discount code on my Blog that will be good all weekend-you can even use it more than once-I must get some of the extra stock out of the shoppe to make way for the 26 new images we are rolling out starting DEC 1 on our Blog Hop---also I will be starting to add Valentines Day and Spring Images very soon!

This is a great Chance to get some of the images on you wish list-I am retiring about 100 images at the end of the year mostly 2009, 2010 and 2011.

As Images sell out I also will NOT be renewing them so don't be surprised-with almost 400 images its getting a little daunting to find and ship orders and as I said gotta have NEW stuff-still am planning an archive disk sometime soon with the collected images of thr good old days so watch for that!

Have a great day tomorrow if you are celebrating a Holiday and happy shopping this weekend.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Friendly Neighbors

Karen C a member of the design team over at Create With TLC had posted on my facebook group that she had used my NOEL outhouse for a project-shown here:

Her post and project got LOTS of comments but moreover I started selling Noel Outhouses from my ETSY shoppe.

Come tofind out that PAULETTE the owner of Creating With TLC Does word art and Karen had aske her for a sentiment to go with the outhouse card project-Paulette liked the whole package so much she put it on her club newsletter and boosted sales for me---isn't that the definition of GOOD NEIGHBOR???

Seems Karen and Paulette are at it again---Karen did a card which is currently posted at Creating with TLC featurng my Christmas Couple-You can see the sample image HERE.

Apparently if you buy the image and email Paulette she will send you the word art sentiment FREE----so I think y'all should wander over and see whats going on at Create With TLC---seems like they are pretty nice folks over there!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a big THANK YOU shout out to Paulette and Karen for their kindness and also the kind words about my art from both of them and in honor of PAULETTE'S generosity if you will email me telling me what the sentiment says that she sent YOU
(email me at RICKSTDENNIS@YAHOO.COM) I will semd YOU back a free surprise-hows that for Christmas Cheer?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Email mailing list

I am starting an email mailing list-this list will have exclusive information for fans of my digis, exclsuive offers and FREEBIES only available via the fan email list.

I will be having a Black Friday sale but the highest discount code will only be for the mailing list members.

If you care to be on this mailing list PLEASE email me a REQUEST to be added at of spam laws I can ONLY add people who ASK to join.

Be sure to let your friends know as well---Thanks

This mailing list will not be sold or shared and is exclusivly fro Rick St dennis fans and friends-about one email per month.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stamp Out Theft NOW

I don't know what it is-have we jusr become so greedy and unfeeling that it's OK to steal from each other and Robin Hood our way thru life?

Most stamp artists, like myself. are low income sometimes retired people who are in the stamp or digi business to make enough extra money a month to make sure the bills are paid.

I give away a great deal of merchandies every month either in sponsorships, freebies or charity-somehow there are some folks that think because they won an image or got it without paying for it that image has no worth and they can do whatever they want with it.

The copyright on an artists work is their signature-this has been fought and won in the courts ofthe United States and in many international courts as well.

While I might be unlikely to pursue litigation against another person who somehow misused my images I have every right to tell them to stop-it doesnt make me a bad person.

I have had to go after companies in my career who just appropraited and adapted a design thinking I would never see it and they would mak some money off the image-because they traced and slightly changed the design they thought they now owned it.

A couple calls to their lawyers let them know I was serious about protecting my interests and they cease to sell the item-at least in California-and I don't have the money to chase them across the United States.

If you look in my blog archives at the 2009 posting from Sept 13 I tell a great deal about licensing your artwork-I made a fair amount of money by contractually agreeing to allow companies to use my artwork for a percentage of the sale price.

In that case you are protected by TWO copyrights-the one on your art and the one on the licensed product-much more clout and usually a corporate lawyer because the company wants to protect themselves and you (especially if you are making them money).

I learned a great deal about contracts during this period and have always insisted on a contract when ever I have negotiated to allow someone to use my artwork-especially as a pattern (as in tole painting) or stamp (as in rubber stamps).

It's important for artists to know about business, contracts and how art can be lost under the "work for hire" rules that do NOT protect artists.

I won't go deeply into this subject there is a great deal of information on the internet-if you're interested you can read for days and learn a great deal.

My experiance has been that people in the crafts industry are nicer to each other than in many other businesses and they work to protect each other-when I decided to do my Creepmas Blig hop this year I contacted Terra at Smeared and Smudged so she would know what I was planning and how it might affect her (since we do share some design team members).

I could have predicted her reaction-she was very supportive and we discussed how we could cross advertise and benefit each other.

In everyday life I sponsor her blog events and SNS sponsors my challenge blog-its a friendly mutually beneficil relationship-why would i endanger that by lifting images from her or her artists and selling them?

Simply put I would not-it's beyond me and not my style-I am very prolific, work in several styles and have lots of ideas-while I might appreciate a design from another company I would not conciously copy it or in some way compromise myself by adapting it for my purposes-I have told younger artists for years "Do NOT chase the market" find what you do best and capitolize on that not on what you THINK people want.

Over the years we always knew what popular artist was doing well because everyone starts copying their style-It happened with Nagel and many others and continues to this day.

Emulating is one thing but actually taking art from an artist in any form and reusing, swapping, selling or otherwise abusing the intentions of that art is simply stealing.

I was horrified when I found out that people actually bought rubber stamps and scanned the impressions and turned them into digis-moreover they then swapped, traded and even sold those images as if they owned the rights to do so. NOTE: I am specifically referring here to those who stamp a black impression on white card stock-scan it and then sell that scan as a digi stamp-There is nothing wrong with digitally colouring an image and then using it within your own projects or selling a card that you have made that includes such an image-IT IS however wrong to colour images, make them into decoupage sheets and sell the sheets unless you have explicit permission from the owner of the images. My angel policies are pretty clear on what a designer can and cannot do with my images-using them in their projects is fine making tghem into mass produced T-shirts to sell at the swp meet is not.

On the Stamp out sight-there is a link from their badge above on the left you can see examples of companies that are allegedly selling stolen stamps or which have adapted portions of designs for their use as if no one would recognize what they had done.

It's very important to also understand (whether you agree with it or not) your legal rights to how you can use an image you have purchased (or recieved as a freebie or prize)-You own the right to use the image as the artist has dictated-I have been really impressed with how many designers have convoed me when they were concerned about not overstepping those rights and privledges.

On the other hand I have actually heard a papercrafter say "They can write down whatever they want to I will do as I want-I paid for it" paid for the right to use the image not for the image itsself-if you buy a psotcard of a picasso don't expect the actual painting to come with it.

The subject has become clouded because of public domain, clip art and other types of free art that you buy a license to use when you join a webite or purchase a program-much of that art comes from huge design house that crank it out of their art departments and have been doing so for decades-some clip art has been around for over 100 years and is still being sold despite the fact that the image is in public domain.

Digi stamps are sometimes made from Clip Art-I think thats a little fringy but I myself filled in digi sheets with public domain images-not for the profit they brought me but because the sheet looked better with some decorative images-I always priced my sheets based on the number of MY digis that were on them (ignoring the fill).
AND when asked I always gave a truthful answer and directed the person to where they could get the clip art without buying my digi sheet.

I could ramble on for another few thousand words but I think you get my drift-don't do it, don't participate in doing it and don't look the other way when you see others doing hurts all of us,,,nor only in the wallet and YES a couple bucks are important to me-I have been an artist most of my life and while I have had a nice career it makes for very little income when it comes to social security-it hurts us when our society erodes a little more each day, we get a little ruder and a little more stressed, money is tight and its easy to want things we can't isn't worth it and we need to remember that wrong is wrong-shades of grey aside (not the book).

This isn't preaching its ranting-as I said I have been pretty lucky and have always defended myself but there are many who are hesitant or just won't stand up for their rights and its all those folks we must also watch out for.

I am a big believer in "what goes around comes around" and "do unto others..."
My Mother raised me right and I would never want her to be ashamed of me.

Hazel Thomson on Striped Fabric

Be sure to drop by the tutorial done by HAZEL THOMSON of my EDT at the Spectrum Noir pen site HERE?

Hazel use my design EURO CLOWN TROUPE as the subject of a carefully thought out demo of how to do shading with the SN pens which I also use and like very much.

The Spectrum Noir pens are less expensive than some of the other brands have a good feel in the hand, well balanced and caps that click on tightly to avoid evaporation. In other words high quality at a bargain price.

I also find the alcohol ink to be well pigmented and vivid with a nice even cover.

Like many designers I was surprised at how much I like the fine point versus the broad and so far am impressed with their durability-they also sell replacement nibs and refill ink.

Congrads HAZEL on doing such a great job with the online tutorial!
Here is one of Hazels colouring projects:

This card uses EEK A MOUSE.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hey Challenge fans...

Hop on over to Poisoned Peas Please Challenge Blog and take a look at the DT projects for challenge #9 which I am sponsoring-some great work---just click this little happy linkie right HERE!!!

You have until Dec 1, 2012 to make a project and enter-the theme is THE WALKING DEAD and that will carry those of you who like the creepy stuff right into our 13 DAYS OF CREEPMAS BLOG HOP beginning Dec 1.

I was impressed with the projects at PPP and I think you will be too especially if Vampire Bunnies and Monster Clowns make you nervous.

Don't forget our challenge blog-you can use the button over there =============>>>

Happy arting...

I love My Prezzies coloured by Gloria

Friday, November 9, 2012

Call for project photos

I am looking for good photos of projects suitable for CREEPMAS using my Images-there may be other images on the project but there must be one of MY images featured.

I may decide to include your project on one of my 13 BLOG posts for our Creeomas Blog Hop Dec 1 -13, 2012-If I do you will win that days NEW digi from the rollout.

Good photos of projects

Using MY Images

Creepmas or creepmas friendly

Due by Nov 30

Email the project to
be sure to include any notes about products and supplies you used, your name and a blog addy or website if you have them...Thanks

You may send as many projects as you like but please send one project per email.
Submissions after Nov 30. 2012 will not be considered for this promotion-Prize digi will be emailed to the address from which you send the project.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New EDT members Donna and Lady B

We have added two wonderful new EDT members.

Lady Brayton is a favorite over at Smeared and Smudged and is now also doing wonderful things over here.

Here is a sample from Lady B:

This image uses Creepmas Boy and his Toys available now in my Etsy Shop in the Creepmas section.

The 2nd image is my new Creepmas Toy Soldier also now available in my Etsy Shop.

Donna is from the UK and also does wonderful things-here are a couple projects from her.

These projects use Texas the Vamp and the exclusive image from this past weekends freebie give away WE CARE.

We welcome both these talented designers-you can visit their blogs from the links on the right side of my blog.