Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Stalwart Ladies of the Kingdom

As most anyone that knows me will tell you I love to make everything into a game-like Mary Poppins "In everything that must be done there is an element of fun-you find the fun and snap, the jobs a game."

I had the idea due to the popularity of Downton Abbey, to draw up some of the fascinating charecters that roam about in my head.

I also wanted to present them with a range of colouring ideas-SO starting with my UK ladies and then expanding out I created 3 teams with 4 people each and assigned an image and 4 colour assignmnts one for each designer-they didn't have to make a finished project just colour the image.

I hope you will enjoy meeting my Stalwart Ladies of the Kingdom:

Each lady had a backstory told in a simple sentence; one was shopping at Harrod's, one lunching at the Savoy and one attending a Covent Garden Opera Gala-when you visit my Etsy shoppe you will find other ladies (not always of the upper crust) who are having a holiday at Blackpool or lunching with the Vicar-all sorts of dressed up dames that I hope you will find as delightful as I did creating them-and wit till you see how the EDT has brought them out:

LADY ST JOHN SMYTHE shopping at Harrod's

HAZEL did these first two versions-one EDT member was unable to participate she Hazel volunteered to fill in for her..

I couldn't resist so I did one of each-mine are coloured in Prismacolour pencils.

Helen did this lovely Autumnal version.

Suzi and I were thinking close along the asme lines.

This was all great fun because each team knew that others were doing the same design and what colours had been assigned but the colour assignment was GREENS or ROSE and the accent colours were strictly up to the designer-also what techniques they would use-markers vs pencils-so everyone will see what the others did along with you.

The wonderful digital composition at the top of this post is from Sharon Sahl and sets the tone perfectly for LADY FELICITY HIGHRUMPLE and her luncheon at the Savoy Hotel.

This first design is also from Sharon:

Aletha did this lovely version in rose.



And a lovely version from Alison:

Finally Diamante Fitzhugh a lady of the land flirting as she has for many seasons at the Opera Gala:


Nataliya did this fabulously sparkly version:


Gloria in hard to do purples:

And finally my version in peach and pink;

I did want to add a few showing closeups of Nataliya and Hazel's projects:

Thanks to my EDT ladies for a wonderful job-I hope you all enjoy seeing this rainbow of design projects and get some inspiration from seeing so many diverse styles and approaches to colouring-I think it proves that Digis are versetile, fun and easy to use and that colouring is not mindless activity-a great deal goes into colouring images that are as detailed and intricate as these.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Follies Bergeres

Nataliya loves to do projects with long legged, sexy showgirls-so I drew this Follies Bergeres dancer with her is mind.

Located at 32 rue Richer in the 9th Arrondissement, the Folies Bergère was built as an opera house by the architect Plumeret. The closest métro stations are Cadet and Grands Boulevards.

It opened on 2 May 1869 as the Folies Trévise, with fare including operettes, opéra comique (comic opera), popular songs, and gymnastics. It became the Folies Bergère on 13 September 1872, named after a nearby street, the rue Bergère ("bergère" means "shepherdess").

In 1882, Édouard Manet painted his well-known painting A Bar at the Folies-Bergère which depicts a bar-girl, one of the demimondaines, standing before a mirror.

The theatre presented spectacular productions featuring beautiful showgirls in outrageous costumes featuring feathers, rhinestones and rich fabrics-In the mid 1900's a version of the French show came to Las Vegas and was a huge success well into the early 2,000's.

Here's what NATALIYA says about her creation:

Follies Bergeres- gorgeous image by Rick St. Dennis. For the skin i used Prisma Pencils, and used Copic Markers for her Dress. After that i used Glossy Accents and used Micro Beads and Stickles for her Jewels. And some more Glitter to her Dress . For the background i used MS punch on Pink Cardstock. Beautiful backing paper is a Digital Paper from Bearly Mine Designs.

Also i used for the first time my new corner and butterfly Dies from Simon Says Stamps, which i won with Rick's image Sleepy Santa. Whoo-Hoo!!! And To make my corners more pretty, i added Pearls to it.

Yesterday i received this in my Mail. Thanks Santa (and Rick!)!!

I cut Butterfly twice to make it look 3D. On the side i added White Lace and Pink Ribbon on the top. As you can see i did some stitching also. I hope you like my card as much as i do.

Thanks Nataliya for sharing your spectacular card project-I think the micro beads would work well on many of my designs and of course I love the self adhesive rhinestone especially the beautiful, high quality stones from ICONs by Me and My Big Ideas

I have tried many rhinestones and ICONS are by far the best for sparkle, colour and assortment of styles and sizes-I USUALLY buy mine from JoAnne's online to get the best variety and selection, Michael's does have some on the shelf but not nearly enough for a sparkle guy like me.

I have also been testing micro glitter in paint or glue form and by far I love STICKLES-they have wonderful colours, great sparkle and are quite controllable after one plays with them a bit---their colour palatte is very sophisticated and they even have some "designer" variations. (For the best prices on STICKLES check EBAY-I have found some multiple bottle deals at about 30% off retail per bottle or more and with free shipping as well).

FOLLIES BERGERES is now available in my Etsy Shoppe along with many new springy (and a few creepy) designs.

Thanks again to Nataliya Simpson for sharing her card and techniques. I have very talented EDT ladies and Nataliya is my go to girl for sparkle.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday Elves

Havn't had a card for a bit from Elaine Lienhart-she sent me this bright and cheerful rendition of Birthday Elves sing my 3 ELVES digi stamp.

I told her how much I loved her repurposing this image for a general Birthday theme over the intended Christmas design that it is.

Don't you just love the retro-happy colours-so 60's eh-the psychedelics of the last century and I am loving the CNS style.

Thanks Elaine for the cheerful project which shines like the sun in these dreary winter months!---I would love to see others of my Holiday designs changed by colour and design into all occasion cards-if you have one be sure and send it along to rickstdennis@yahoo.com.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine gifties-part 3

Here's a couple more ideas from Monique-inspiration items for cute little home made gifties for spring (valentines, Easter and Mothers Day).

This cute, simple and very usable candy bag idea is great to fill a decorative bowl-always nice to have some quick gifty goodies for visitors during any holiday season-a simple cello bag becomes a treasure with a colourful paper header-folded and stapled on.

This design uses my VALENTINE TURTLE but could be adapted to any holiday by hanging the digi and colours.

There are some wonderful vendors who sell "antique" or nostalgia candies on EBAY so your cello bag can be full of sweet memories-I used peppermint malted milk balls this past Christmas for some little gifties from NEW RIVER GOURMET.

Their prices wee reasonable, thjeir customer service fantastic and shiopping was quick and well packaged-great source for candy, spices and other goodies.

This adorable candle uses the new VALENTINE MAD HATTER from my Etsy shoppe.

Here's what Monique says about making the project:

is was so cool it worked out the way I hoped, have done this using rubber but never used a digi for this.

the problem is the tissue paper, the image has to be stamped on the tissue paper, and that will be melted on the candle.

The digi would have to be printed on the tissue paper and didn't know if my printer could handle that.......(so you have to warn people I think if they want to try this, the paper can get stuck in the printer)

What I did:

First printed the digi on the paper you normally use to get it coloured

colour the digi

take a piece of tissue paper and cut it slightly smaller than a printer paper, attach the tissue paper to the printer paper using tape, and put it in the printer (the image should get on the tissue paper, so check if the paper is in the printer in the right way) then copy your colored digi to the tissue paper and let it dry a bit.

I stamped the text : "Mad about you" on the tissue paper

cut the image out of the tissue paper leaving a white edge

put the image on the candle and carefully melt the tissue paper into the wax of the candle using a heat gun.

Don't heat the same spot too long cause the candle will melt and get an odd shape, you have to work real quick and move the heatgun over the entire image until the wax is melted into the tissue paper over the whole image and the edges.

Obviously one could use small alphabet letters (stickers, tiles etc) rather than printing on the sentiment and again changing the digi makes this idea great for any holiday.

I think it would be an interesting idea to put votive style candles (maybe 2 or 3) in the cello bag and do the same kind of colourful header as on the candy bag-no worries then about putting the design on the candle-decorative soaps, potpourri and other small items also would make great gifts using this technique.

Be sure to stop by on First Saturday (feb 2, 2013) Freebie day when we will have a super tutorial from Monique AND we will be giving away the 4 very special digis it takes to make the item-don't miss it...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Say It with ROSES

Monique has been busily coming up with projects that are perfect for little gifties and this time we have TWO projects for your to consider.

Both of these projects are basically upscaling ready made items for a more personal and artistic look and appeal and both feature roses in the design.

The first project is this lovely box of soaps which look like red roses-a perfect Valentine gift-Monique has use the VALENTINE BONNET digi to make a tag-The die cut is from a Dutch company that no longer offers this design but Monique suggest that nestibilities must have something similar to substitute.

This item could also be combined with other projects from Monique's series by using the same digi as design elements to tie them together-for instance this hat digi could be used in place of the cupid in the snow globe etc.

Our next project is a bottle of wine actually available for sale on the internet-but I have seen similar bottles that used bubble bath for their contents-in this case Monique used Sexy EVE which features lots of roses but again you could mix or match your digis to create a gift basket.

Monique says:
the bottle was pink allready and had the sexy label on it, i just put on some extra bling and made a label from black cardstock using a die, added gold glitter glue and the Eve digi, also added a gold cardstock label saying Love potion and added some black glitter glue on that along they edges.

A little thought and some careful planning can make you a gift basket pro-we all collect crafty stuff-start watching for cellophane bags often available on EBAY at a very reasonable amount.

Cellphone is so much nicer for gifty things you can use it for candy, small gifts etc tied with really nice ribbons or trims-I buy crinkled seam binding which a crafter dyes by hand from a vendor on EBAY which is use frequently because I love the antique shabby chic effect it adds to my projects.

Martha Stewarts craft division does some wonderful tags and lables again with a vintage feel-touches like that can really add to the quality and prfesentation of your finished projects.

Here are the links Monique provided for these projects:
to the pink wine bottel http://www.24wine.nl/webshop/Sexy%20Sparkling--rose.html?_globalsearch=Alentejo (it's a champagne like wine but it's from Portugal)
to the die on the soap roses http://www.hobbyvoordelig.nl/detail/732587/lr_0235_creatable_stencil_small_oval.htm it's a Marianne Design Creatable LR0235

Valentine Hat Digi

EVE digi

Watch for a new project from Monique coming soon.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Valentine snow globe by MONIQUE

Continuing Monique's series of little gifty things for Valentines and other spring holidays --- here is a snow globe which Monique has created using my CUPID image.

Any image can be used that would be a suitable size for this project.

Here are Monique's comments on making the item:

ok this was a lot harder than I thought to get it waterproof LOL, and of course impossible to take a pic when the jar is filled with water and glitter. Luckily I took a pic before I put the lid on the filled jar, so you can see what it looks like better.

you will need a jar, glitter, ribbon, liquid glycerin, distilled water, a glue gun, laminator, some decoration

first clean the jar and the lid

I first coloured the cupid (duh!) and cut him out (use some sturdier paper to print the digi on)

then laminated him to make the digi waterproof and cut out again (you have to make sure to cut around the image in a way that keeps it sealed in the plastic)

glue the laminated digi to the inside of the lid using glue gun and add some decoration, I used hearts and silk roses. (make sure you can still put the lid on the jar when everything is glued on)

put some glitter in the jar and fill with distilled water and add some liquid glycerin so the glitter won't drop to the bottom immediately but will float a bit

put the lid on the jar and check if it is waterproof, to be sure you can use the glue gun to glue the lid on the jar to make it waterproof if it is still leaking

glue some ribbon around the edge of the lid to finish.

How you design you snow globe is up to you-one could paint the lid with a spray paint for metal rather than gluing on the ribbon and what you add to the contents of the globe are infinite: Be sure that whatever you use is impervious to oil or water damage.

One can also use clear or white TUB CAULKING to seal their globe rather than hot glue.
Be sure to follow product directions on dry times which can be up to 48 hours.

Many crafty items are painted with finishes that will be soluble in oil so the surface will wither come off or tint the water-also do not use paper glitters or confetti's be sure they are plastic or mylar-most polyester items will be impervious to oils.

Commercial globes especially those made in China-are often filled with mineral oil or a combination of light oily liquids-these help the "snow" additives stay afloat more and also are less likely to yellow or become cloudy.

A quick Google search turned up a number of Snowglobe Kits which may be a great alternative for those who don't have lots of crafting space or who don't want to search out components.

Here is a link for another take on making snow globes at home;

Thanks again to Monique for taking on this series of little gifty things watch for more in coming weeks-I would much rather have something lovingly crafted than just another production line item from China-I wish more people would go back to making things and putting a lot of themselves into gifts-I did that this Christmas and had a wonderful time watching people enjoy my somewhat quirky homemade things.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


This image was coloured using Spectrum Noir pens in mainly the True Blue, Hydrengea Blue and Flesh groups;

The image is printed on Neenah Solar White linen finish stock.

Blush was accomplished by using a foam makeup applicator and CR^ and & loaded off a glass palatte and then offloaded on paper towels as one might do for stenciling allowing a faint, powdery blush effect.

The hair is a combo of various ice greys and Blue Greys and of course coral and dark red for the lips.

Clean and sinple design for a thank you note card

This design uses my 1908 hat digi available here.

Entered in Spectrum Noir's WINTER BLUES challenge.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

Its a brand new year and the only 13 we will have for another hundred years so I say make the best of it!

To start off this year I will be posting a series of projects By Monique of my design team featuring little gifts that are easy to make and fun to receive.

I don't know about you but after the holidays I always end up with several "tins" from cookies or candy and I hate to just toss them in the bin...what to do with them?

Monique suggest this quick and easy project using a cookie/biscuit tin and a digi image to recycle what might be thrown away into a little treasure.

Monique says:
easy to make

fussy cut colored digi, cut out circle of patterned paper to fit lid distress edges of circle and put some distress ink on the paper around the edges and all over the paper to age it. Glue circle on lid.

glue paper around the cookie jar (the paper, I used is Tim Holtz, it says Valentines)

on the edge of the lid I made some ribbon, used double sided tape for that

Monique's Blog can be found HERE.

You can easily paint these tins if you'd like a flat colour rather than a paper covering-be sure to sand the surface first with a rather course pad to get most of the printing off then with a finer pad to make it smooth for a nice painted surface.

Unless you use a self priming spray paint be sure to use a good primer sealer-I like two coats allowing to dry between coats-and I always sand lightly even when it says you don't need to.

I have always used a flat or semi gloss spray paint to do my base coat-there are many that are specifically for painting metal-in the USA it's RUSTOLEUM. I often spray in a dark shade then after drying I use a spray tack and lay down a paper doily on top and sides if I can find the large square type-be sure you clean the holes in the doilies well-spray tack will allow the doily to stay down flat but remove easily after spraying.

A great trick is to spray lightly with the base coast colour then after that is dry spray your pattern on with a lighter colour-keep this coat light and even-allow about 10 minutes to set then remove the paper-you will be amazed how crisp the sprayed design is!

Once you have allowed your project to dry thoroughly (at LEAST 72 hours) you should spray the entire finished project with a good sealer finisher-I like DECO ART AMERICANA SPRAY SEALER FINSHER-check out thin link for deco arts products HERE.

I do want to say that I NEVER endorse a product I have not and do not use-Deco Art is a wonderful company and their products are dependable, affordable and of high quality-I used them for many years in my decorative painting projects and articals.

Also remember that there are so many wonderful embellishments available on the internet like German Scrap Papers, foil borders etc and also Martha Stewart crafts makes some wonderful items that would be perfect to incorporate into projects such as this one.

Always use your creativity: Don't want to use a tin? You make be able to find black Chinese take-away containers that are perfect for food gifts like smaller cookies or candies-we have them readily available here in the states in stores that sell to restaurants, caterer's etc and you can also find them especially for the craft's market at places like MIchael's that sell candy making supplies.

The best sort of food container is waxed on the inside but not on the outside-plain paper is easier to decoupage and once finished will also accept a spray finisher-it can be spray painted or brush painted using a matte liquid acrylic and makes quite a durable product when properly sealed and finished.

Be sure to check back for this project series from Monique and for other interesting projects from my EDT members and me.

If you have a special project or "gifty" idea you would care to share drop me an email at rickstdennis@yahoo.com - Please be sure to use my images when doing your projects.
Monique used one of my hat ladies found HERE.