Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I've worked with Chana quite a bit because I sponsor challenge blogs that she's involved with.

The first time I saw her work I was really impressed by how she combined colours and textures in a very sophisticated way.

I'm sure many of you have noticed that there are wonderful projects that immediately catch your eye but then there are those special few that literally take ones breath away.

This picture shows the first shot of Chana's work which caught my attention-I love how she coordinated the projects with colour and texture but you can still clearly see my digi image in the set up.

I asked Chana to share a little bit about herself and here is what she shared with me:
I am a very novice card maker from Decatur, GA. I will try almost any paper craft at least once, but my true loves are cards and personal stationery. I enjoy working on Design Teams, but recently cut my teams from nine down to 3. I want to take more classes (and actually complete them) and spend more time just creating without time and content constraints. I don't know that I have a particular style, but I do think I present a very clear design point of view in most of my projects. I love earth tones and many of my creations stay in the blue, green and brown color families.

I think we can all agree that Chana's work certainly doesn't look like a novice.

Everyone knows what I look for in good projects: Colour, Composition, Texture and attention to detail; I think Chana gets high marks in all these areas.

When I invite a designer to d a GDT for me on one of our blogs part of the fun is sending them an unpublished Image that they can help me roll out.

I asked Chana to do HATTIE my newest hat lady and here is the project she sent me:

I love the easy way all these elements flow together and have a casual, unstudied feel almost as if they were dropped on a desk blotter.

Watch at the end of this post for a link to where yo can get a digi special featuring Hattie.

As I said I sponsor often at Chana's blog 613 Avenue Create - Chana had this to say about her challenge blogs:

I own my a challenge blog, along with my Partner Kathi Silvia. We have a talented team of designers and have had a wonderfully positive response to our challenges. We previously operated a challenge blog that featured the work of Artist Robert Jackson; when that ended, we kept the team together and launched 613 Avenue Create. I love working with Rick's images and am just thrilled to have him as a sponsor and past GDT on our blog. I am working on two other projects with Rick St. Dennis images and hope to have them posted on my blog and YouTube Channel by the second week in May. I wanted to use them for this GDT, but I broke my camera and need to replace it. I want to take time to shop for a good one, because photography can help or hurt a project. I would love to have you visit my personal blog: Card-d-ology (http://redoralee.blogspot.com) and, of course, enter a project into one of the weekly challenges at 613 Avenue Create (http://avenue613.blogspot.com)

I am sponsoring this weeks challenge and the DT has done a great collection of inspiration pieces-drop over there and take a look-you'll find 613 Avenue Create HERE.

"Hattie" will be available here for a limited time at a discounted price-If you like Hat lady digis, please check Moniques post April 24, 2013 at SPARKLE AND GLITTER on Mothers day gifty for a BIG hat lady special online ONLY:

Blog Exclusive $2.50 for a limited time only!! Usr the handy, SAFE and secure buy it button from PayPal-Thanks!

Monday, April 22, 2013

END the bullying and the Prudery

I had really hoped we were in the process of growing up in this country (USA) and the world.

I thought we had all finally seen that a little nudity is just that a little nudity and extreme violence and war are the pornographic things in our society?

They're blowing people up and killing kids in BOSTON but there are people who have the time to make an issue out of something that should only be making smiles.

WARNING: There's a bare breast in the following vintage photo and the sentiment may be a little too spicy for some so view with that warning OK-otherwise just click off NOW!!!!

As you know I give an award that's called RICK'S PICK for cards that use my digital images beautifully-today I am giving the award to FIONA of I DON"T DO STRAIGHT LINES for her funny but tasteful entry in the SMEARED AND SMUDGED BLOG HOP.

The theme is DIRTY and VINTAGE and clearly says that entries can be grundged up or can actually be "Dirty" in the smutty sense.

Several of my design team entered-we love to play at SNS.

BUT there's always one who has to slap a wet blanket on things-and to be TOTALLY FAIR AND HONEST, Fiona did enter her card in a challenge outside the hop zone-My EDT did as well and I think Moniques card has a bare breasted she-devil---anyway the host of the blog decided to lay into FIONA in a comment but also called out ALL the women who had commented about the card and said it was a good project, a little naughty and well done---they were cowards in her eyes----you need to visit Fiona's blog and read the comment---so 1950 PTA.

Of course many of the artists and designers who follow these sorts of things and love SNS flew to Fiona's defense and I hope you'll agree it's a tempest in a teapot:This card is well done and fine as it is!



LESS offensive than most comedians material and far less nudity than an episode of Game of Thrones.

Fiona you deserve an award for being straight up honest and brave so your card is my RICK'S PICK for this week!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

NEW "Quoth the Raven..." design

I wanted a design to go with my new POE portrait and came up with this very graphic RAVEN design which will be available for a BUY IT NOW here on the blog-check it out at the end of the post.

I sent the design out to the EDT and asked them to create a simple project using black, white and one or two additional colours and especially unusual embellishments (if any).

Here is a gallery of the projects I got back starting off with an image from my friend and GDT designer DEE MORAN of Puyallup, WA, USA.

Dee is the person who talked me into doing digis when I didn't even know they existed-Dee is very active with Operation Write Home and also does a lot of Altered Art projects-so welcome DEE and we hope we'll see more of your work here in the future.




Alison also used the NOSFERATU digi-I love the raven standing on his head!


Helen obviously also used the POE digi as did Monique.




and finally my little offering:


Here is the sample panel for the RAVEN digi-you get THREE versions one of just the bird and two with text-you'll notice some of the edt used the text separtly-this design is available now for download on ETSY

Hope you've enjoyed my gallery of poe inspired project? And thanks again to my EDT ladies and guest GDT member DEE MORAN for all these great projects.

Thanks to GLORIA GLOWBUGG for inspiring the following...

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special Request Sale

I have had a number of requests for the 4 new monsters MONIQUE used in her project for the Smeared an Smudged Design Team Throwdown #3 Mini Book.

This is a blog only special-all 4 images for $9.00-use the handy and secure PayPal button to make your purchase-images will be emailed to you within 24 hours or less....Thanks.

If any of you want the Aliens Let me know I can also put together a package of those.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Throwdown #3 at Smeared and Smudged

I am now on the Airless Chambers Team-so that's fun-I get to work with the same people but somebody else is in charge---little happy dance for me.

Anyway, this challenge SMEARED AND SMUDGED 3 DESIGN TEAM THROW DOWN was for a mini book and I found it difficult to get started and after MANY false starts I finally found my footing.

I remembered I had some black, chipboard tags about the size of a twinchie so I went searching through my stash and finally found them.

The only way I could manage was to trace off the shape, draw the image, glue it to the chip and then colour it-I wanted comic book/ funny papers colours---I don't usually use such bright colours together but it was fun and for no reason at all I did a Zentamgle cover and had a blast colouring that-my promarkers are decidedly becoming my favorites-I like the fine end a lot and the colours are a bit more subtle-so thanks Helen for suggesting those---anyone want to buy my complete set of spectrum Noirs????

In accordance with the rules I did use one digi stamp (not mine its a Smeared Ink image)-can you find it amongst my pages?

Here is the cover shot for the challenge-the coins obviously are for scale.

The whole thing fit on a 1 inch ring and I used trims from my stash to decorate the ring-and here are the pages:

All sorts of creatures and of course my favorite little monster a kid with a knife-the most dangerous of all.

Hope you enjoy seeing my creation and be sure and stop by Monique'S and Miranda's blogs and see theirs as well!


Thursday, April 4, 2013


Haunted Design House Monday madness challenge this week is bare bones-its about a really simple, clean, straight forward project so I put together this tag using my new LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT tribute digi, raven black stock from Robert Simmons and some vintage seam binding for ties...

The image was digitally coloured then printed on Neenah White 80lb smooth card stock and attached to the raven black backing.

I would like to enter this in the HDH Bare Bones Challenge.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Image - BLOG EXCLUSIVE - Limited Time only!

This new portrait image called "JANE" is available for a limited time only and ONLY on my blog via PAYPAL...

This famous character face will add a bit of spunk and camp to your cards-especially when you need someone a little off center to deliver your greetings.

I know you will enjoy using this digi in your everyday projects and he will be very handy to have for Halloween and Creepmas as well!

Yhe order box is just over there