Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jardin Metalique

wow was this throw down a challenge for our team-we had two of our EDT members who were doing the throw down drop out for personal reasons which left poor Julia who is juggling school, work and family....I recruited Monique while still thinking one of the ladies would be doing her project and ended up having to take over at the last minute.

Originally we were doing projects that had a metal garden theme-I envisioned a candle platform that would hold one of those large jar candles.

My project is entirely made out of chipboard-atc cards and 4 x 4 cuts layered with chip die cuts-I glued it together with glue dots, a heavy duty glue stick and foam tape and was amazed when it actually held that heavy candle for the photos.

When I had the piece together I base coated it with DECO ART Metallic Silver and Pewter in a streaky mix-I allowed this to dry overnight-then I did a stipple on heavy layer of Americana Soft Black, Burnt Sienna, Georgia Clay and Red Iron Oxide blending the paint as I stippled for a rust effect-For highlights I used a fan brush and hit the high spots with a soft dry brush layer.

Again once this had dried I decided to go glitzy with a fan brush layer using Craft Twinkles in Orange and Copper-I made a chipboard stamp of a curly-q and stamped the center of the flowers with soft black.

It was fairly fast and fun and something I will return to in the future-constructing with chipboard and layering with the die cuts offers lots of possibilities for creativity-wait till you see Monique and Julias projects-WOW=there are links to their blogs on the right+++++++++++>

PLEASE be sure you look at all the projects and then when you vote-vote for the team that deserves your vote and NOT just for your friends...its an art contest and not a popularity contest-when you see the wonderful creative projects people do they deserve your consideration.


Thanks for visiting and Happy Crafting!!!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Colour and Mood - Use Deco Art Americana in your backgrounds

COLOUR sets the mood:

Often artists and designers become attached to certain colours to the detriment of thei work overall.

Using combinations of colours that are outside your comfort zone can really add atmosphere to seasonal designs.

Lets look at some examples using digis from my shop and designs from my HAUNTED PLACES rubber stamps for Smeared Ink:

My first panel puts my GHOST TOWN image against various background combinations of Peach and payne's grey.

Notice how the different configurations can highlight a certain area, add an oppressive feeling or just generally "spookify" the scene.

My samples are done in photoshop but one could use transparent watercolours, gouache or premium liquid acrylics like DECO ART AMERICANA to achieve these looks.

Working on BRISTOL BOARD-especially VELLUM finish Bristol which has been coated with 2 even coats of GESSO followed by a smooth even coat of a base colour will give you a wonderful foundation for your "art cards".

One you have your well dried base tape off the area you want for your background using DRAFTING TAPE-be sure to use drafting tape and not another type as drafting tape will not lift the acrylics-you can also paint the tape down by adding a coat of the premium acrylic over the tape and allowing to dry completely.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to allow paint and mediums to dry thoroughly and also avoid the urge to speed things up by using hair dryers and heat guns unless absolutely necessary-air dry finishes are the best abd also how the products were designed-high heat can alter the chemical composition of a product and make it work differently tha intended (or not at all).

This second panel uses blue greys for a cold, wintery feel-once again notice how the placement of light and dark makes a big difference on the feeling of the project.

Chrome or Naples yellow with brown makes a sick, nuclear winter sort of feel.

One might not immediately think of this colour combination for skies or backgrounds but see how effective it is and notice when watching old cartoons how often this sort of palette is utilized!

Cartoons, especially the Warner Brothers Looney Toons series from the 40's and 50's is a great place for those new to experimenting with colour to see what artists did back in the day when THEY were experimenting with a new medium-a wild array of colours were used to creat mood and shadows on those old cartoons and they are remarkably fresh colour wise today!

Using the STONEHENGE image from my Haunted places set for Smeared Ink I have used colour combos drawn from Cartoons; ACID GREEN, YELLOW and RED combined with contrasting darks to show how fantsy colour can work to set a mood.

It' so important to plat and experiment with colour and colour combos to see what emerges and how it will enhance your projects.

Opaque backgrounds combined with transparent washes on your digis will give your work a great atmospheric feel and a wonderful "theatrical" quality.

You might consult books from your local library about rendering set designs or storyboarding art direction for films for inspiration points to set you off on your colour journey.

Once again here is a panel using fantasy colours, blues, aquas and fuchsias to lend atmosphere-I think it's clear how certain combos add a real atmospheric feeling to the image-in this case I love the ble but the Fuchsia is also working for me and sends me off in a different direction than I might have gone with the project.

Finlly here is a little more finished vista-I have used a basic background and kept my colours in the stormy, autumnal palatte to frame this vignette of a ghost town on the prarie-this image uses one of my Haunted Churches, Phantom Rest graveyard and the GHOST TOWN image.

I wish more designers would experiment with these sorts of VISTA compositions-they could be tri-folded in order to fit in standar envelopes and I think unfolding these wide cards and displaying them-they stand up like a folding screen-is very impressive.

One could add a small swatch here and the of diagonal verticals using a micro glitter paint to suggest rain falling-you can do your basecoat in yellow then friskett out a circles for a "smoky sun" remove the friskett at the very end to expose the yellow dun orb.

I hope that there is something here that Inspires you to try colour and DIFFERANT colours and techniques than you may be used to-its such fun when the smallest thing can lead someone off on a path of discovery...Happy Crafting with COLOUR this Halloween Season!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I have been so irritable...

It's the heat---the heat and no snacks and no puddings---its a stupid thing to start dieting in this sort of weather-what am I doing-becoming more healthy so I can suffer longer?

I was comparing notes with Della from IBFS-its 107F where she is with thunder and flash floods-O I have decided we are on the Misery Loves Company world tour and we are out of T shirts in Tulsa.

It has to break eventually-It cant still be summer in January or we will all know we are about to crash into the sun and there will be pandemonium.

Do you still listen to the radio? Have you noticed what a huge flock of miserable radio announcers full of doom and gloom there are-and it doesn't matter whether right or left-they just all have a huge crock of buggy peanut butter and sand coated suckers-doom is our only possible way out....

I broke down a remailed the free images for September so some of you who are NEW to the mailing list may or may not have gotten them-I assure you I am not sending them out again -they are ensconced in my shoppe FOR SALE.

I never thought about selling the freebies after-I think it was Aletha who suggested I run them for a week or so and then put them up for sale.

Three Chimney Cottage is the first image I did this with-and it has been one of my best and steadiest sellers.

Since I was already in a black and dismal humour I decided to compare my mailing list with people who had bought an image in the last two years-that was a venture into disappointment-sort of an "I LOVE YOUR WORK-=so long as its free!"

One of the people who missed her newsletter this month emailed me and asked if I would rush the free images to her since she didn't get them-she also took time to apologize for not buying any images from me but she can't afford it since she has to buy Cricut stuff and images from another artist who she likes better.

That made my day.

Another told me that if I was going to HAVE a newsletter and give things away its my DUTY- (MY DUTY mind you) to see that everyone is treated equally and all get the free stuff in a timely manner.


It goes on but I will spare you some of the more annoying missives-Dealing with the public is something I have done pretty much all of my life-I should be immune by now-but since I am still pretty much human...

I get some of the nicest messages from people-so I apologize if one of you nice folks got into my cross hairs while I was dealing with rampant greed on another front.

I believe still that people-as a general group-are pretty swell.

I still try my best to be kind and generous like my Mother taught me to be (although she was so passive aggressive that she could say No and there was never a negative word in the sentence).

HEAT and age-and lack of snacks and puddings.

Here I am the grumpy old curmudgeon I said I would never become-I was actually fairly grumpy and curmudgeon like in my youth although I had a much better sense of humour and my ability to seem to have patience was much better honed.

People actually made pilgrimages to visit my temple of eternal patience and understanding-trust me when I say it was all an illusion created so I wouldn't be shunned by humankind in you love "WHO will play me in the MOVIE"?

Simon Pegg---anyone who knows me knows I have a huge fondness for Simon Pegg=noted ginger, English actor-plays SCOTTY in the new Star Treks and the assistant in Mission Impossible-he has a whole string of his own films Sean of the Dead. Hot Fuzz, PAUL and the latest END OF THE WORLD (about an epic pub crawl spiced with robot zombies with blue blood-led by, Why Not! Pierce Brosnan..

SO I will select Simon Pegg to play me in any and all feature films or lengthy series on the BBC, _especially if they revive AB FAB and decide to write in my character--SP is a must.

I know I should hold out for one of the Hollywood demi-gods byt Keanu is looking old and used, Pitt has luggage under his eyes and Travolta-well, do I need to saying ANYTHING but Travolta? One of a sad trio including Nick Cage of men who were once attractive and now have hair of a colour that doesn't exist in nature...well actually it does exist if you consider BLACK HOLE a colour.

So that's it then-Simon Pegg plays me in the films, I am in a snit because of Heat, Humidty, lack of salt and sugar and the possibility that Simon Pegg won't be available hence they will cast some random actor whats that new one who has a brother who plays THOR-very tall, very handsome, very dim.

While I was in a mood to abuse people I called my cable company and demanded (and got) 50% off my premium channels for a year. That's whats called harnessing the Krakken---take that negative energy and use it as a force to save money and get more mediocre films delivered to my set in sparkleing Hi def colour and sound.

I made a dreadful mistake at another point last year when It was too watm and signed my life away for a new cable company who offered the world but deliver the standard drap one gets from Cable companies-they just do it slightly cheaper-I am locked in to a 2 year contract but they seem willing to make it possible for me to pay the bill by reducing rates here and there when I complain.


Friday, September 6, 2013

So many changes-so little time

Hello from sweltering Southern California where the temps today are supposed to be mid-ninties and high humidity-HORRORS!!

It should be starting into fall weather-misty cool and the sky at sunset that wonderful peach frappe colour with grey fog on the hotizon.

Have you been over to Airless Chambers and Spakle and Glitter? Lots of new stuff---we have 2 new EDT member Julia and Lisa both are enormous assets to the team.

For those interested in the September Images-they are available here:
After I have mailed out newsletter images they become part of my stock and are for sale at my EWSY shoppe-if you sign up now for the newsletter you will receive the OCTOBER image for the challenge...the back to school kids are ONLY available voa BUYING them and BTW I have sent them out TWICE because people said they didn't get the newsletter-lets face it they didn't want my ramblings about the heat etc they wanted FREE STUFF-so these images are no longer FREE STUFF sorry-I think I have now done my bit for this month.

ALISON did the rendition above of the back to school kids freebies "BUDDY" and "BAD BITSY" the colours she used.

The one's below are from LISA:

Thanks for the support on the Pinterest Issue-as you may know I no longer will be posting freebies on the internet-they are now sent via email with my monthly newsletter-the back TO SCHOOL KIDS for this month.

Next Monrh (October 2013) we go back to challenges on Airless Chambers and Sparkle and Glitter and it will be ONE challenge per monrh alternating between the two blogs so OCTOBER will be AIRLESS CHAMBERS>

We will also be having blog hops and lots of other fun activities and many of them require you to belong to the mailing list so be sure and sign up.

REMEMBER: When you sign up for the mailing list you must put your email address in the TEXT of the message so something like this:

Please add me to the mailing list using this email mail address

If your email address is not in the text of your message we discard the request - I don't have time to track you down and tell you how to do it so PLEASE be sure the email is in the text of the message!!!!

Here are a couple more BACK TO SCHOOL KIDS - these are from Aletha:

Aletha was telling me about how much BUDDY reminded her of her son (and Bitsy the assertive side of her daughter)-so as a surprise for Aletha (and all of you) I thought you might like to see the ORIGINAL BUDDY:

There he is sweater, bow tie and cowlick-That would be ME just about 60 years ago...

And YES Aletha I was every teachers pet for many years...

Because sales have been so slow and because we are cutting down to ONE challenge a month I will be sending out ONE freebie from now on instead of the usual two - sorry - the good sales on my site made it possible for me to be more generous with free images-besides my blogs I also sponsor MANY challenge blogs each month-they are listed under the WHERE AM I SPONSORING tab on this blog---I am sponsoring all 31 days of the Smeared and Smudged Halloween Blog Hop for instance.

Have fun visitng the other two blogs and we hope to see many of you entered in the October Challenge on AIRLESS CHAMBERS.

Here's another version from Lady B to send you on your way!