Friday, August 15, 2014

Mermaid Challenge

Four brave souls ventured to navigate the briny waters pg my Mermaid Challenge and it was HARD to pick a winner.

I almost made it a tie but first have a look at the entries:

Gran Margaret

Deborah Frings

Teresa Morgan

Pauline Pollington
Each entry had its own certain panache but I looked at all the various compositions and only one person took the instructions and ran with them.

"Take one of my digis and make her into a mermaid."

So Teresa Morgan will be receiving a gift certificate worth $25.00 at my Zibbet Shop-big congrads Teresa !!!

Thanks to all who entered my summer challenges the regular challenges will return next month on Sparkle and Glitter-don't forget I will be having an image roll out this weekend with some comment based giveaways-and you know when we have games they always have a twist-watch facebook beginning in the morning Sat aug 16 (California time).